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Hi All,

Welcome back to my blog and thanks for stopping by! Normally I share the nicest beaches with you that I can find on the island.
Today my post will be a food review because I highly recommend the place I am about the blog about.

Thailand 1.png

As I mentioned in my previous post on the Island, I am really surprised by the great food selection you can find here. It almost feels like many chefs and restaurant people visited the island and loved it so much they decided to start a restaurant here.

Being Dutch we don't really have a famous kitchen or cuisine that people are raving about. I like eating European food once in a while, compared with the Thai food from Thailand

The Belgium Beer Bar
Today I would like to share with you the pictures of The Belgium Beer Bar.
like the name suggests they have a great beer selection, even though I don't drink I can see it add to the evening for many people.

the menu highlights several weekly specials but the main selection is Belgium/ French.
just look at this nice food:

Thailand 2.png

Thialand 3.png

Thailand 4.png

Thailand 5.png

Thailand 6.png

Thailand 7.png

Thailand 8.png

Thailand 9.png

We had it all: Lamb, Steak, mussels, burgers, and Snapper.
Again I would highly recommend this place and for between 15-25 USD you have a great meal including some specialty beers!
If you even on the Island, check out this great place owned by a French chef.

I will keep exploring and will be back with more soon!

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