A dessert of my choice

Hello friends, I hope you are all well. I wish you all the best. I am also quite well. I will try today to talk a little about my favorite dessert.I hope those who like to eat sweets can like this dessert of mine. I'll try, to talk about it now.

There is a story behind it. The biggest thing is that we don't go out of the house and why we don't go out. You all understand it very well because the condition of the world is not going very well yet.A few days ago a relative of mine came to visit my house and when he came he brought this favorite dessert for me from his area called Rasmalai in our area. The whole feature of this dessert is that this dessert is made entirely with milk puppies and the biggest thing is that it is always in the juice so it is called Rasmalai. Many of you may be familiar with it because the name of this sweet is different in different places.
Firstly I was happy to eat sweets after a long time and secondly happy my relative brought this favorite thing for me and all in all I had a very nice experience and another thing is that it is as tempting to eat as it is tasty.Sometimes it feels good to eat the thing of choice and if it is from a relative then the joy is doubled anyway. After many days the relative came home and brought my favorite thing with me. All in all I feel good.

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