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After delicious ramen at Ippudofor our lunch before we checked into hotel on our staycation at Sunway Velocity Hotel, we had a change for our dinner. Sunway Velocity Mall has a section where it is called V Boulevard. In other words, not only is this mall connected to its hotel, it is also connected to another block of offices and eateries by an aisle called Nanjing Street. I hope I described it correctly. We walked at the street and found this appealing restaurant.

Meja Kitchen and Bar

We looked at the menu placed outside and straight away decided to dine her. Plus the kids were hungry and it was best we did no further exploration.


The ambience leaned towards to bar type, slightly dim in light and all the lights were orangey type. The outside section is for those who want to be closer to the bar, middle section for those who love to sit on higher chair and the behind section is those with sofa. We opted for the behind inner section.





The menu covers most cuisines which suit us with different tastebud. They have variety of nibbles, salad soup, noodles, fried rice,, Malaysian delight, pasta, pizza, western fusion, sandwiches, burger, dessert and kids' menu. Super awesome!





Below was what we ordered and I must say, all the food we ordered were delicious. The boys ordered mac' n cheese. I ordered cantonese seafood yee mee, husband ordered 'mee rebus' oxtail, we also ordered extra Hawaiian pizza for all to eat.

1. Mac' n Cheese


I did not know what the chef did to this dish but the boys non-stop exclaiming, "So yummy!", "Wow, every mouthful is delicious." Like seriously the whole time while eating and praising. Non-stop. The menu is simple. Melted cheese but perhaps they used some torch fire to burn the top to melt the cheese. Really yummy.

2. Cantonese Seafood Yee Mee

I really love yee mee and also in love with egg broth so I must try this one. No regret. The deep fried yee mee as usual had the fragrance of yee mee. Not only that, the egg broth was nicely done, full of flavour from the squid and shrimps as well, and not too thick with corn flour slurry, just perfect egg broth. The seafood was top notch so fresh. Lots of vegetables which I loved loved loved.


3. Mee Rebus Oxtail

'Mee rebus' means boiled noodles and the important part of this dish is the gravy/soup. This one was nicely done because the gravy was cooked by using oxtail. In other words, noodle in oxtail soup, and with a twist as they also added in some Malaysia chilli paste called 'sambal'. Lots of julienne vegetables and another love love love again. I got to try a few mouthfuls from my husband and wow, the oxtail so so soft and juicy. Must have cooked it for hours.


4. Hawaiian Pizza

This was different from the usual Pizza Hut we ate. The dough was the super thin type and crusty too. The children loved it but I didn't fancy. I preferred the thicker dough to chew. But still delicious. Although nothing fancy. Just a delicious Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, chicken ham and cheese.


Love eating here as it wasn't too crowded nor was it too noisy. The waiters were all very helpful and gave good service. I would come back here again for other food here. We ended our dinner with two refreshing juices. Watermelon juice and apple juice because they did not allow us to buy drinks from outside. I had actually walked out to buy yogurt drink which I would blog in another blog, but they said sorry to us that the restaurant's policy is not to drink outside drink. Fair enough. The juices were super mouth-watering. You could taste they weren't stingy with the amount of fruits in there. Real fruit juices.


I shall rate the food: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Thank you for reading. Stay bubbly. Stay hopeful.


❤️Love from me❤️

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