Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream - Creamy Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt (No Sugar) - Original Recipe

Ice cream, and even shop-bought frozen yoghurts, contain sugar and artificial flavourings... Not the best thing for either yourself or your children.  Luckily there is a healthy alternative that, in my opinion, is just as good as ice cream!  You can eat this on its own, or serve alongside cakes and puddings, just like you would with ice cream.

This frozen yoghurt is sweetened with ripe bananas and a little honey.  The bananas help make this thick and creamy too, as does choosing a good-quality and thick natural yoghurt.  These are so easy to make, taking just a few minutes to prepare.

What you will need: (makes 3 portions)  

500g tub organic natural yoghurt  

2 ripe bananas  

A small handful of pineapple  

1 vanilla pod  

1 tsp honey  


Using a sharp knife slice the vanilla pod vertically, and then use the knife to scrape out the vanilla beans from each half of the pod.  

Add all ingredients to the blender jug - with pineapple I find it's easiest to buy and chop up a fresh one, then wrap portions up in cling film ready to use in frozen yoghurts, smoothies, etc.

Blend on full power for 1 minute 

Pour into containers suitable for freezing, and then pop into the freezer for at least 12 hours.  See how lovely and creamy this looks...? Beautiful :-)

Take out of freezer about 30 mins prior to eating (or even longer if your house isn't that warm, like mine!  But then, why are we eating these when we're already cold?????  Brrrrrr!)

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