Sura - korean restaurant visit in Vienna

I was able to travel to Vienna with a few of my schoolmates for 3 weeks for an internship powered by @globalschool and led by @manncpt.
Of course while we were there we took the opportunity to try something my dear friend Lexa always wanted to try, Korean food. I didn't hesitate to invite her for dinner.

We were searching the internet a lot before we found a restaurant called Sura. It sounded nice so we decided to give it a try. Well, let me say the it wasn't a bad idea!


As soon as we stepped inside a nice staff came to us and escorted us to a free table to sit down and gave us 15 minutes to decide what we would like to eat.
Fun fact, my friend Lexa studies Korean language so it was fun for her to try and speak to the staff in Korean.
I was honestly impressed about it because i didn't know she knows this much already. It seemed like they appriciated her effort so it was a pretty good opportunity for her to show off.
After the little show, we got the menu and started to think.


It was a lot of food and i didn't know what to choose since everything sounded so interesting, so i gave the choice to Lexa to choose my order as well.
She decided to order me Bibimbap 비빔밥, which is Korean mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables, for herself she went with Kimchi Zigae 김치찌개 which is a stew-like Korean dish made with kimchi and other ingredients such as pork, scallions, onions, and diced Dubu.

It's actually one of the most common stews in Korean history.

We waited around 15-20 minutes until the food was ready and while we waited we went through all the foods available on the menu.


And than the food arrived. It looked so good, we immediatly started to eat, and i saw that she really enjoys it.
I was happy to be the one who shares this memory with her.


Even tho the food was amazing, we still missed something. Than we saw a waiter bringing a bottle of Soju to the table next to us. Lexa was so excited about it so i ordered a bottle for us as well, and with that the dinner was full. Soju is a clear, colourless korean alcoholic beverage made from rice, and it's really tasty.


This was an amazing experience in Vienna, the food was incredible, the drink was neat and tasty, i loved every second of it. After we finished dining and payed for the diner we started to go back to the Hotel and call it a day. And that's one of my best experiences with my good friend Lexa.
We made a promise to not let this be the last amazing memory we made together so now we're trying to figure out what to try next time 😁
If you have some recommendations we are open for them!


I can only urge you to make memories with people closest to you. because you never know when is the last, and the more the better!

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