Pizza Hut - Nacho Cheese Stuffed Crust Supreme

Pizza Lovers,

Last night, myself and my husband decided to have a Pizza Hut takeaway. It’s been months and months since we had one. Upon looking at their menu, I noticed they had some new flavour toppings and a new stuffed crust… Nacho Cheese! I love a stuffed crust and I haven’t had a stuffed crust for a very long time, because normally I go for a normal crust with the garlic seasoning. I wasn’t adventurous with my choice of topping. I went for one that I know and love. The Supreme!

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 14.16.41.png

Pizza Hut - Nacho Cheese Stuffed Crust Supreme

Pepperoni, Seasoned Minced Beef, Spicy Pork Sausage, Mushrooms, Mixed Peppers, Red Onions.
Melted Nacho Flavoured Cheese, stuffed inside our iconic crust.

Oooh yeah! I was really looking forward to this. The Supreme topping takes me right back to when my mum and dad used to take myself and my brother out to the restaurant as kids. The pizza was very well made. the base albeit was their standard base, it felt like a deep pan to me because for the past few months, if I have a pizza I go for a stone baked one or an Italian base. The crust was very puffy too. I had to eat the pizza first and then eat the crust last. That’s the way it’s gotta be done, right? I picked up my slice of pizza and started working my way through it. I love the tomato sauce base and then the toppings… The toppings were spread very evenly. and the taste was that unmistakable Supreme taste that I remember. The Nacho Cheese stuffed crust had the colour of Red Leicester. It was a medium orange colour. The cheese was melted but it wasn’t stringy like mozzarella. The taste tho. It did have a Mexican Nacho Cheese flavour to it. It wasn’t spicy mind you. It was very mild. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more a kick in the Nacho Cheese.

Overall, this was a lovely pizza. If I had to say something negative, it would be the way they slice it. They sliced it into 9 slices! How do you get 9? Basically first slice I had, hadn’t been cut at all. It was definitely two slices together. It was huge! Then I counted the rest of the slices and I had 8 left. The thing is, the slices were all different sizes. Just as well I wasn’t sharing this with anyone or I would have felt short changed. I think next time I have a stuffed crust, I would go for their normal mozzarella one. Although the Nacho Cheese was nice, I think it belongs on one of their new toppings they brought out.

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