"MMMM" - Monday Meals with Merlot Mama. *Introduction*

Good Sunday evening everyone in the world, on this planet, in this galexy & beyond!

If you are new to my life, 1st off welcome & thanks for stopping by. Normally my content on here is about my family, my experiences with a newborn and my love of wine. But it also varies from time to time with a larger variety of things such as random factoids on bugs, things i adore and love, and documenting / reviewing places ive been in my life.

Somthing new that I've wanted to do for a long time is cook! Now, im not the greatest cook in the world, but ive always said "if you can read, you can cook" so im putting my "words of wisdom" if you may, to the test! Few months back i watched the 2009 flik Julie & Julia where a young woman strives to be noticed by her all time favourite woman, Julia Childs. She begins by making a blog, and going thru each and every recipe of hers and makes them, while blogging about it all! This inspired me a long time ago to do somthing similar, but i just never found time, i still have ZERO time with a 6 month old... but ive decided to make time for somthing i find interesting and fun!


The book of choice for me fell into my lap this past weekend at our family country home, where we have piles upon piles of old paraphernalia dating back to as old as the 40s maybe even the 30s. I found this gem that was actually written by a lady whom grew up and lived where i live, Winnipeg, MB. Browsing the pages i noticed this was a more "novice" type cookbook and thought these recipes all sound delicious and i think ive found my challenge for beginners.

The book was written in 1983 by Hedi Lewis she passed away in 2007 at the YOUNG age of 81. She was well known & loved in Winnipeg for many many differet endeavours she embarked upon. She worked plenty of different jobs that required skill, was a strong advocate for "full figured women", spoke well and was educated to the public in differnet forms such as being a voice for sears and a cohost on CJOB, & was very active is large carity organizations such as Canadian Cancer Society & the Kidney Foundation. All in all, she sounds like a well rounded lovable creature who walked this earth and i am very excited to share some of her recipes from her best selling book back in 1983 In the kitchen with Hedi

Another thing that greatly intrigued me to use this particular cookbook, was the pages and pages of interesting, useful, HELPFUL tips and tricks in the back of the book. To name a one we have ...

Tips for you to read before you purchase a new home (back in the 80s of course)

These is only 1 of the 50ish snippets at the end of the book, and after each recipe i have decided to throw one in, talk about it and share some useful & super fun information with y'all. Also, with my partner @ate-bit-dave we will rate the "taste test" portion of the meal from 1 to 10 and i will give you my very own, honest opinion of the overall recipe, taste and level of time and difficulty it was!

So join me starting Monday, September 2nd for my 1st episode. I can't wait to begin this little challenge for myself and for anyone else who is interested in my contect and or just loves new recipes to try!! See you soon!



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