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RE: (eng) Borsch traditional ukrainian dish !!!! Om-nom-nom ))

Wow, awesome dishes you're cooking up there. They all look delicious. Welcome to Hive. So glad you chose Hive to share your recipes.

It may seem daunting at first with so many activities and so much to learn. Take your time. Nothing will happen overnight.

The key I feel to being successful on any social platform, especially on Hive is to write original, quality content and engage and connect with other authors with quality comments on their articles. They in turn may engage with you.

Did you know that when you publish your posts on, you are allowed 8 tags; but when you publish your posts on Peakd, you are allowed 10 tags. The more tags, the more exposure for your posts. For example, if you write about food, an appropriate tag may be: #foodiesbeehive #food #diy #build-it.

You can post your food recipes directly into Communities such as Foodies Bee Hive. There you'll find like-minded food lovers to share your food content with.

Also The Terminal has a monthly Cookbook Contest you can enter. Just check out theterminal Profile to see the lastest monthly monthly contest. Each month, there are 3 different categories of dishes to choose from.

Find several Communities that fit with your writing. No matter what type of writing, there is a Community on Hive to accommodate it. Just browse the COMMUNITIES TAB above.

Hope to engage with you again soon. Take care and stay safe.

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