FlaminGirl's recipes! #117 - Avocado stuffed with vegetables

My dear foodies,

Today I bring you a recipe based on the star ingredient in vegan food, avocado. This American fruit has earned a place as one of the super foods of the planet, the best that nature can give us. This time I bring you some delicious avocados stuffed with vegetables, a recipe 100% vegan suitable for all audiences. It is also very easy to prepare, in just 10 minutes we can taste an explosion of flavors without equal.

It is extremely economical, contains no gluten, and contains no ingredients of animal origin. Join me in preparing this delicious recipe.

Avocado stuffed with vegetables



(for 4 portions):

♡ 2 units of avocado

♡ ½ unit red onion

♡ ½ yellow pepper unit

♡ ½ green pepper unit

♡ 1 unit of tomato

♡ ½ red pepper unit

♡ 2 carrot units

♡ 1 pinch of salt

♡ 1 pinch of ground black pepper

♡ 1 unit of Lemon

♡ 1 pinch of fresh cilantro


Preparation time: 15min

Cooking time: 0min

Total: 15min

The first step to make this recipe will be to wash very well all the vegetables that we are going to use in the recipe, I will never get tired of saying how important it is to wash the ingredients especially without being vegetables, because we do not know what type of agro-toxic used in addition may have traces of organic matter such as soil. If you can invest in 100% organic products I assure you that you will not regret it.


After the ingredients have been well washed, we will proceed to cut them not so small, and in cubes. The only ingredient you must peel to remove its shell is the carrot. And the only ingredient we won't chop is avocado. In this section, only the vegetables that will serve as filling will go.


The next step will be to cut the avocados in half, very carefully remove the stone and with the help of a spoon we will remove the flesh of the avocado, do not discard the skin, we reserve it for the presentation of the dish.

Cut the avocados in half, remove the central bone and remove the meat with the help of a spoon. Reserve the skin.

The next step will be to chop the avocado in small squares, then season with some pepper and salt to taste, and finally add to a bowl where we will add the juice of half a lemon.


Now we only have to mix all the vegetables, we can complement with a little olive oil to give more flavor and consistency to the mixture of citrus dressing which will increase the explosion of flavors in the final result.

Now it only remains to prepare and to present the plate, the skin that we reserved of the avocado will serve us as plate of presentation, we will fill up with the mixture of vegetables. I recommend this recipe as a starter for any dish of your preference, you can even prepare it as an aperitif at a family meeting or with friends.


I let you try this recipe and tell me what you think! ;)

Benefits of avocados

I have already spoken in other publications about this fruit that is very typical in Latin American dishes such as Mexico where it is widely used in countless recipes of ancestral origin, in addition to having an exquisite flavor and being considered the butter of nature for its high vegetable fat content, has multiple benefits on the body, as for example: its Omega 3 fatty acids make it compete with the same quantities that fish have, it also offers a large amount of vitamin E essential for the maintenance of the skin and other organs. In addition it is not a fruit to be cooked which makes it possible to take advantage of each of its nutritional supplements providing greater absorption to the human body.


Thank you for reading 😊


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