FlaminGirl's recipes! #116 - Mini Vegan burger (avocado and quinoa)

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As always today I bring you a delicious hamburger recipe, with one of the richest ingredients that can exist on this planet, the avocado. The avocado is an American fruit that has positioned itself as a superfood, the natural butter of nature, offers great advantages to our organism as well as an exquisite flavor that just think makes my mouth water. It is very rich and it is very difficult not to let oneself be carried away by the temptation to eat many.

Another positive aspect of avocado is how versatile it is when it comes to incorporating it in countless recipes, so I present a delicious recipe with avocado along with quinoa which is another star ingredient in the preparation of vegan meat for hamburgers. Join me in preparing this succulent and popular dish in its vegan version.

Mini Vegan burger (avocado and quinoa)



(for ... portions):

♡ 1 ripe avocado

♡ 40g Raw quinoa

♡ 1 small scallion or 1/2 red onion

♡ 1 Lemon

♡ 1 hot green pepper or chili pepper

♡ Chives to taste

♡ Granulated garlic to taste

♡ Ground black pepper to taste

♡ Salt to taste

♡ Panko or breadcrumbs

♡ Extra virgin olive oil required

♡ Tomato to serve

♡ 8 Serving rolls

♡ Green leaves to serve


Preparation time: 20min

Cooking time: 60 min

Total: 80min

I always recommend you not to buy canned products, is as a precaution to take care of our body to the maximum, try to save some money and buy organic products because they offer more advantages and you will notice the difference in taste.

The first step is to cook the quinoa as it may take some time, we will proceed to wash with plenty of water before cooking with enough water, the preparation of quinoa is very similar to preparing rice, we should only leave a maximum of 15 minutes, remove the fire and rinse and try to remove as much excess water as we can.

The next step is to wash the avocados to remove the shell and extract its pulp, cut into pieces and add to a bowl where we proceed to dress our avocado with a little grated lemon rind and add some juice, then the pepper that we will have washed and chopped very finely, the onion previously washed and cut in very small pieces, as well as the cilantro or onion, add salt and pepper and garlic powder, with the help of a fork we will begin to incorporate and to crush all the ingredients. The idea is that all the ingredients are well mixed.


Then we will incorporate the quinoa, and here it is very important that we mix everything very well because it is the base of the mass for the vegan meat, for the greasy properties of the avocado the mass will not remain with a firm consistency but rather sticky, reason why we must use a little water so that it does not stick to us of the hands.

Now we will give form to our hamburgers, we must have a plate with the breadcrumbs, with our hands we will make the traditional form of meat of hamburgers and we submerge them in breadcrumbs for both faces. If you can refrigerate this preparation for about 20 minutes the dough will be firmer and more consistent.

The next and most important step will be to cook our quinoa burgers with avocado, so we will choose the best pan we have and preheat to high heat and then take to medium heat, we can a small jet of oil, enough to brown the burgers on both sides.

Once ready, we proceed to assemble our hamburgers, with the bread and a few slices of tomato and green leaves, you can vary the contour with other vegetables this leaves it to your choice as well as the use of the sauce.

These mini hamburgers can be prepared as an aperitif in a meeting at home, or to eat for family fun, remember that you can refrigerate or freeze to be cooked and then taste this delicious dish at another time.


I let you try this recipe and tell me what you think! ;)

Benefits Avocado


Thank you for reading 😊


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