Garlic flowers are tasty, but their name scapes me

This garlic bouquet would surely impress... just maybe not on the first date! This handful of freshly-cut garlic flowers smells INTENSE!

Thanks to the historic heatwave that just fried my garden, these scapes are less numerous than they should be, considering I planted more than 60 cloves!

But it has been so hot and dry all year, they never really had a "spring" to do their growth. These small and fibrous little things are all I have to work with this year.

Normally I fry them with other veggies in a stir fry, but I think I'm going to dry these, and grind them for garlic scape powder.

The stalks are worthy of their own photo:

I will post the results when they are dried and ground up. I bet it will be delicious to sprinkle in/on just about anything! We really like garlic around here. The vampires don't stand a chance!

Until then, we can hope our harvest is going to be as successful as last year's was:

Grow in peace,

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