Brilliant Marketing With Mom's Spaghetti

Eminem has moved forward with plans to open a permanent Mom's Spaghetti location in Detroit for what was once just a concept for a pasta pop up shop. What better idea to test the market? There was clearly demand.

For those who are very familiar with the rapper's lyrics you will know exactly why he went with the name.

Right now the Mom's Spaghetti restaurant is one of the most hyped restaurants online after the recent grand opening. It's getting some great reviews. Eminem was even seen there giving out some food during the opening of his Mom's Spaghetti restaurant.

Will it turn into a chain of Mom's Spaghetti locations around the country?

One thing is for sure and that is that this is truly some clever marketing and fun play on the lyrics to open up a shop by this name. If the food is good and prices are right then maybe we will see it stick around and grow, to last longer than when the current hype dies down.

Reviewers have stated that the pasta is cooked perfectly and they are giving out generous portion sizes at the Mom's Spaghetti walk up window shop too.

The menu is also keeping it simple, just like McDonald's started out. They've got options like a plate of Mom's Spaghetti which you can add some meatballs too and The Sghetti Sandwich.

Opening The Trailer Retail Space

We don't just get Mom's Spaghetti but also The Trailer retail space is going to be there too that will be selling some merchandise and different products from Eminem's retail collection.

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