Last Year's GARDEN Grovid 20 Update!


I was gone from Hive for a bit, during last year. A lot of the pandemic, I was focused on other issues. I had started to blog about my Garden, with a few posts called Grovid 20, in response to Dreemsteem's call to answer the growing craziness about Covid 19!

This time last year, my container gardens looked like this:



I spent some time, and effort, planting and sowing seeds in Late Feb, and Early March, in my house, under grow lights. Tomato, Pepper, Zucchini, Peas, some herbs, and more. Some plants, I would later direct sow into containers outside. Some, I would plant again, later, for a second harvest...

Roma Tomatoes, on the vine

Baby Spinach

Sweet Pepper
, Orange, Yellow, Green Bell, and one chocolate Pepper!

A random sample week's harvest, last summer. Baby Carrot (it was a container variety, so shorter and fatter), some Chocolate Pepper, red sweet, cucumbers, yellow sweet pepper, first potato, (bowl of raspberries, which, btw, was typically a daily bowl full, much each day, at peak. I made some raspberry jelly, as well as fresh for eating daily), beans and snow peas, cherry and grape tomato, roma, and some zucchini!

Weekly Tomato Harvest, Weekly Carrot

IMG_2727.JPGEnd of season potato, both Red Bliss, and Yukon Gold (and a couple of sneaky carrot!)

In all, I planted about US $35 worth of seeds. I probably had about 50 pounds of Potato, about 25 zucchini, a couple dozen cucumber, about 40 cherry tomato a week (figure about 10 pounds total) a few dozen Roma tomato, about 100 peppers, a few pounds of beans and snow peas.

I have really no good way to guess at my spinach. I did a few plantings, in 6 or eight pots, of spinach and lettuce. I would harvest daily for salads, each day, all season. Most of my herbs, I used fresh, in my cooking, although, at the end fo the season, I brought inside one sage, one thyme, one basil and the rest? Tons of Dried Basil, and Parsley.

UPDATE: also, grew some corn, pumpkins, a ton of Raspberries and some strawberries. On my street, grows wild blueberries, and beach plum, that I pick.

I am certain, I am forgetting something, in all the time that has drifted on past

I will do better for 2021! I have my seeds ready
Started my potato starts to get them chitting (the eyes growing)
and ready for planting.
Stay Tuned for garden 2021 Updates!


2020... a wild and woolly year, if ever there was one. My entire industry (Special Events) was shut down on 13 March and hasn't been back yet. Personally, I am ok, but so many of my colleagues and friends are struggling with bills, paying for food and rent, medical and health insurance.

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios.

Bluefin Studios

Bluefin Studios is a photographer, specializing in wildlife, nature, landscapes, waterfalls and Lighthouses!

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