GARDEN's Alive After A Week Away!

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I've been away for more than a week, and LOOK how the garden has grown!

I was traveling to visit with @dreemsteem and while away, I left my oldest daughter in charge of watering. She did an amazing job (only one small pot of mint died from the wildly hot heat)!


Above Image Golden Yellow and Snow Peas harvested. I was bad, as I ate a lot more while in the garden than I brought inside. SO SWEET and FRESH

Below Two 25 gallon Grow Bags (about 100 liters) of Potato.



Above Zucchini on left, a Marigold blossom, and some Tomato right (sneaking in photo)
Below closer view of the Chives, sweet Red and White onion, and Red Beard Bunching Onion (bottom right) Peas middle, and zucchini top left.



Above a dozen or so more pots of Tomato!
Below 9 pots of tomato, some more San Marzano tomato, a row of half a dozen or so Peppers and another Marigold!



Above Far Left, Spaghetti Squash, and the a row of Grow Bags of Banana Peppers and Purple Peppers.
Below The Butter Crunch, Red Romaine, Romaine Head and some herbs growing!


The tomato grow in 7 gallon (about 25 liter) Grow Bags, The peppers in 5 gallon (about 18 liter) Grow Bags, the zucchini in 7 gallon (25 ltr.), squash and peas in 7 gallon bags. each bag has a mix of 1/3 peat, 1/3 garden soil, 1/3 compost (kitchen and garden greens only, no animal manure) w/ lobster, crab and oyster shells, and a handful of last year's compost pile (for the live bacteria), and handful of some Espoma® tomato and veggie fertilizer. I add a handful of worm castings about every two weeks to each bag.

Watering is daily in the morning, a misting of needed mid day and a watering after dinner. My garden gets a few hours of strong morning sun, a little tree shade at midday, and an afternoon/late day sun too.

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Here's a quick RECAP post about Last Year's Garden.

Grovid 2021!!!

For those not following the past year or so, Grovid originally came from @dreemsteem.
She challenged us all, during the year's Pandemic news,
to talk less about Codiv19 and More about Grovid20!
To talk sustainability and gardening and growing for the future!


2020... a wild and woolly year, if ever there was one, and slowly, 2021 too. My entire industry (Special Events) was shut down on 13 March 2020, and hasn't been back yet (That's 14 plus months of no work!) Personally, I am ok, but so many of my colleagues and friends are struggling with bills, paying for food and rent, medical and health insurance. I am hearing from clients, probably no work until about 4th quarter 2021.

Bluefin Studios

Bluefin Studios is a photographer, specializing in wildlife, nature, landscapes, waterfalls and Lighthouses!

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios unless specified.



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