The Organix - Epilogue

What you are about to read is a book I've slowly been writing quietly over the last several years. It's about a time travelling AI that comes back to modern day to save human kind with the help of a truck driver. I've written bits and pieces of it into my old podcast TruckinNutz but the audio production became too much to handle and dumped the idea. Now I will begin publishing it to Hive since I believe the community may like it. I will publish one chapter each week for as long as the story will run. If you enjoy it please let me know, comment and reblog as you desire. Today is The Epilogue and chapter 1 will land on monday August 31st.

The Organix By Unkle Bonehead


All over the world they appeared in a small flash of light. Similar to the flash of a welding torch.
The 15 tiny objects, resembling the size and shape of a Nerf Football lie silently. Still smoldering from the heat of the time displacement. Silently waiting.


Some appeared in the middle of a forest. Some appeared unnoticed in the alley of busy downtown cities. One even landed on the surface of a frozen Canadian lake. But they all had the same set of instructions programmed into them.

To wait silently for the cool down period. Then find protein and glucose in order to build the nanobots there mission will require.

All at once, at the same time around the world they came to life. The little microfiber threads spread out from each of them. Looking like a fast growing root system.

They grabbed anything that resembled protein and glucose. Plants were the first things. Small animals were next. The ones who landed in the forested areas were afforded the best natural protein. The ones in the cities had to accept the rats.

They all flourished and grew quickly. Building the nanobots they would need. That is all but one.
The one lonely one that landed on the frozen Canadian lake still sat quietly.

Still, Silent and waiting for some form of protein to come near enough to reach. It waited the rest of the winter until the spring thaw. That was when the ice began to crack.

And the little football slipped quietly beneath the ice.

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