TGI Friday (1/10/2021) - Great People, Great Posts, Some HBI shares and a Book of Spells!

A more upbeat post that will introduce you to some people you might not have come across before and some you probably have.


Splinterlands fans will know what this is!

My week started very well with a night in a nice hotel downtown to kick back in and get out of the house. The first time in months we've actually been able to eat in a restaurant and use a swimming pool, albeit having to book its use first and having just an hour to splash around as the rain pummelled us.

The week is also ending well too, the weekly 'Royal Gazette' has just been published and it's been confirmed that from tonight, the curfew has been relaxed from its current 9 pm - 4 am, until......10 pm - 4 am! Shops can also stay open an extra hour too. Liberty is restored!

The other good news on the lockdown front is that the time needed to quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers to Thailand has been reduced from 14 days to 1 week and that cinemas are allowed to re-open! I won't be rushing down to the local 'Odean' anytime soon as they can only run at 25% capacity and you're not allowed to eat or drink as you watch the movie. Imagine. No cheesy popcorn or buckets of coke. Bond will just have to wait!

I've also managed to come across a few great posts and new users this week so without further ado let's pop over to Ghana!

Just to lay bare my ignorance, the only thing I know about Ghana is one of Leeds greatest ever players, Tony Yeboah but now, I also know @ghanaba. A young fella with a lot to say and a 'community reporter and pan-Africanist'. Pride in his nation shines through in his wonderful writing style that is informative and passionate. I hope a few people pick up on this guy because he's good! The post I first caught up with him on was this impassioned Letter to Ghana and his latest post I've enjoyed reading today was about BOABEN-FIEMA MONKEY SANCTUARY which as I write this has picked up just 16cents after three days!

Please. Go say hello and give the lad some encouragement. Five 5 HBI shares are on their way to you my friend!

Next up, a quick hop to Nigeria and @mattsanthonyit who is a farmer and writes superbly crafted and informative posts about his farm with loads of great pictures and background about them. Really, I'm absolutely loving his blog and it seems like I've been spending far too much time under my rock as the guy has a seemingly very deserved 77 rep so I would imagine I'm not telling you guys anything new here! I adore the farming and homestead posts, a reminder of childhood which in part was spent on my grandparents' little farm.
Check out his latest post and learn something new today!

2 HBI shares are on their way to you and best wishes to your beautiful farm and lovely family......and don't forget to give the chickens an extra handful of grain courtesy of old Nathen!

One thing we're not short of on Hive are excellent coffee posts thanks to the wonderful @cinnamoncupcoffee community but one post stood head and shoulders above the rest for me this week from a new guy from Cebu called @eudadol. The title was The Girl Whose Blood Runs with Coffee. A really good post title drags me in every time as I'm sure it does most people and I guess it's something we should all put a little more effort into in an attempt to pull in new readers. Anyway, another one to add to my follow feed and a huge thanks for the entertaining and proper lovely post! Great read.

2 HBI shares are on my way to you with my best wishes.

Finally this week. I came across this user when he came to play on my daily football prediction contest on my @leedsunited blog and as I usually do, I check people out in an attempt to weed out people trying to make multiple entries with alts and came across his Splinterlands, 365 day challenge to start with zero and make $100,000. I don't play Splinterlands, it's not really my thing. His profile is one that many would just pass by but the earnest way in which he wrote his post, laying out the challenge to himself, and adding in a challenge to other users kind of resonated with me in some way and so I started following him, hoping that his obvious commitment pays dividends. I am guessing he is a young guy but have no idea who he is but I really admire him for setting out his stall and going for it! His infectious enthusiasm has really hooked me!
He is working hard to save up his $10 for a spellbook, which after doing my research, it seems he needs to get started proper with his quest so firstly, I'm giving a little shout out to @slobberchops to see he'd be so kind as to offer @tokutaro22 a bit of advice from his extensive Splinterlands experience, and I'm sending him the 15 Hive that should cover the cost of his beloved 'spellbook'! If anyone else can offer their advice or a few spare cards or tokens, let's see if we can all help with a real team effort!

Get that book bought mate and I'll be following you on your journey to 100K USD and rooting for you all the way!


The thing about crypto and personal challenges is that they absolutely CAN bring you personal financial freedom if that's what you're looking for and you have the determination to succeed, especially if you're from a background or location that's not as salubrious as us lucky enough to have been born into more economically strong geographical locations, crypto, and especially Hive gives you the opportunity to improve your life, no matter where you started out.

Thanks for reading and if you need any more recommendations, go check out @steevc 's weekly #followfriday post!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank-you for all the upvotes and comments that I've had this week.

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