Follow Friday - 'Hansum men'

I haven't done a follow Friday post for a while so as it's Friday, and I have an hour to kill, why not? Each of the lovely folks mentioned will be getting a 20% beneficiary payment.

Firstly, we start with some new members and a sincere thank you to the Pakistan and Indian communities for their recent onboarding efforts. To encourage sign-ups, they were offering hair care products and fake Raybans as inducements to join and boy did they nail it as you can see from the new member's gallery that I artistically created on my under-utilised Canva pro subscription.


When we have nice things, like the wonderful curators who try to help new users with large upvotes, some piece of shit has to come along and attempt to take the piss and from what I can gather, all these users are nothing more than fake accounts, designed to hit a big upvote on their intro post. How many votes that could have gone to genuine users have been wasted on frauds. I hate scammers.

Might I respectfully suggest that the various meet and greet committees at least look a little deeper at 'new' members who post directly into communities other than 'introduceyourself'.

Anyway, now for some nice people!

@littlebee4 writes awesome articles daily and is like an engagement machine. A lovely person who never fails to comment and reply, she gives me reading material daily and is fast becoming a superstar around these parts.
If you ever wanted a walk around the Cliffs and Ravines of Malta. Follow the link!

There are currently a lot of community 'magazines' being published each week which I think are brilliant, @neoxian have been publishing weekly magazines for ages but recently I was happy to see one of my favourite communities, architecture+design, have started a really polished and professional-looking magazine, edited by the lovely @storiesoferne. The community is so well moderated and the standards very high so go and take a look at A+DPOST™, Architecture+Design Community Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 2 May 2022: Eternal Fountains.

I also came across a @pinmapple post this week from a fairly new member @dtam who is an adventurer! This post in which he paddleboards amongst glaciers in Alaska has photos of some stunning scenery. Must have been bloody freezing!

No I know I am sometimes a little scathing of the 'how to make a car from 4 bottle tops two pencils and a cornflake packet' type posts because generally, they are shit BUT this post was really nice and shows you how to make a lovely card with flowers that genuinely looks great. The young lady's name is @avanthius who is a very new user from Sri Lanka whom I hope will keep posting and creating great posts. Nice to have someone new to follow,


@avanthius delightful card

And that's it for this week. Hats off to all the curators, I don't know how you find stuff to curate as I struggle to find much I actually want to read. The feeds are just full of Leo finance posts and much as I admire the people behind the community and their incredible rate of development, I find a lot of the content to be absolute dross.

I would love to see better ways of setting up personalised feeds. As an @ecency user, I seem to miss a lot of posts from the people I follow which saddens me. All the re-blogs don't help, I wish I could turn them off!

Have a great weekend folks and my best wishes to you all.

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