Hive Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #249 - by Allmonitors

#249 - A vast flower farm.

When we arrived there were many tourists who wanted to see the flower farm who are already ahead of us. We arrived at around past seven going to eight in the morning, still early but the number of visitors here are already in queue. Visitors are waiting to be booked before they can move to the farm and take a tour and then also have their photographs taken with their love ones.

As soon as we finished with the registration and paying for the entrance fee we were accompanied by one of the caretakers of the farm. This is a private farm so we have to pay if we wanted to see their flowering crops.

This is one kind of flower that I only saw this time and in this farm, Google says it is Western yarrow plant. It has this stem that spread in several direction while bearing several tiny blooming white flowers with those darker stigmas embosed in the middle of each flowers. Lovely!

So off we go to another breeding ground of another type of flowering plants. This time they have this tilting purple flowers. Google says they are milk weeds. But I am not sure if the search results gave me the right photos


Nonetheless, they are mostly alike of have similarities with their physical characteristics. There is a large part of the farm dedicated to these kind of flowering plants.

Then there are also these darker purple colors of flower and I am also not sure what they are. I am really not good with naming plants I rarely see in my surroundings.😁😆

The land where these purple flowers stand is also big which can be seen in the image below. There are plenty plants which is just within the knee area.

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Shot taken in Benguet, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex