Roaring Twenties

Four Generations:

Princess Leia Dwana, in her hair buns, was born about a half a decade prior to the destruction, the end, the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States of northern America (USA) of 1913, the 1871 corporation, not to be confused with the country. She was born in the roaring twenties and gave birth to her firstborn, my mother, Marilyn Mitchell, in her roaring twenties. Like Disney's Star War's George Lucas says, it's like poetry, it rhymes. My paternal grandpa, Peter Marinus Rasp, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, & his grandpa maybe Germany. My 5x great maternal grandpa was born in Scotland, and his father, Ireland, in 1722, which makes me, Oatmeal, German, Scottish, English, Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Dutch, a little Canadian, mostly European, Oregonian, West Virginian, New Yorker, Californian, kind of Hawaiian, emotionally Vietnamese (dep dep, tai sao, khong hieu), and totally American, but not Indian, like Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren. (RSS Feed | Live Bookmark)

Four Women: Four Generations

Four Generations.png
From left to right: Marilyn's grandma, Anatha Maude Pickell, great grandma, Maude Pickell, mother, Irene Dwana Pickett, and the baby, in the first row, is my mother, Marilyn Kathleen Mitchell (Morehead)

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Four Generations in 1951

This was in 1951 but the photo was developed, printed, or reprinted, in 1956, June 9th, apparently, according to the back of that photo as seen right here by the Eastman Kodak Company: a Kodacolor Print (VI PA 2):
Four Generations BACK says 1956 but reprinted from like 1951 apx.png

Princess Leia Dwana

Irene Dwana Pickett was born on Thursday, the 27th of January, 1927, in the city of Miami, in the county of Dade, in the state of Florida, to her mother, Anatha, and her father, Dwight.

anatha ann anne maude pickell

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Anatha Maude Pickell

Dwana's mother, Anatha "Ann" (or Anne) Maude Pickell, was born on Thursday, the 30th of July, 1903, in Montana, and died on the 7th of June, 1992, in Seattle.

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23rd or the 30th?

According to, Ann was born on the 23rd, not the 30th, according to that website, the archive, the ancestry genealogy family tree, for the families, the surnames, the family names, the last names, of Montour, Hinman, Wagner, and Thorton. As of right now, on 2018-09-22, Saturday, last time I checked that website, the 22nd of September, that is today, that is what that website said, for the record. I think Ann was actually born on the 30th and not on the 23rd. My younger sister was named Crystal Ann Arnold.

charles dwight pickett grandpa

Charles Dwight Pickett

Dwana's father, Charles Dwight Pickett, was born on Sunday, the 5th of April, 1903, in Lyman, South Dakota, exactly a century before the death of Tiffany Cumbo on Saturday, 2003-04-05, & Charles died on the 16th of February, 1975, in Seattle.

pickett pickell morehead family arnold oregon washington state usa seattle 1920s 1950s

1929: Sand Walking Dwana

1929 Irene Dwana Pickett.png
1929 Irene Dwana Pickett BACK.png

1930: Dwana at the beach or lake or something

1930  Irene Dwana Pickett Water.png
1930  Irene Dwana Pickett Water FRAMED.png

1930: Stair Walking Dwana

1930  Irene Dwana Pickett Jacket Stairs.png

1930: Laughing Dwana

1930  Irene Dwana Pickett Sitting Laughing.png
1930  Irene Dwana Pickett Sitting Laughing FRAMED.png

Roaring Twenties

Published in September of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @joeyarnoldvn
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1930: Dwana, her parents, Ann & Dwight, & a car
1930  Irene Dwana Pickett Parents Car.png
1930  Irene Dwana Pickett Parents Car FRAMED.png

1945: Dwana, & her sister, Anatha Jean

Dwana was 18 years old in 1945, according to Dwana's granddaughter is Katie "Jean" Arnold: Jean married George Colbert.
1945  Irene Dwana Pickett & Jean.png
1945  Irene Dwana Pickett & Jean FRAMED.png

1947: Dwana & Jean: At their home, NE 4216, 12 AVE, Seattle
1947  Irene Dwana Pickett & Sister Jean  at 4216 12 AVE NE.png
1947  Irene Dwana Pickett & Sister Jean  at 4216 12 AVE NE FRAMED-2.png
dwana irene pickett her kids marilyn brian karen morehead williams california oregon 1960s

Timeline: Roaring Twenties

1903-07-30 Thursday | birth of Anatha Maude Pickell | Montana
1927-01-27 Thursday | birth of Irene Dwana Pickett | Miami, Florida
1951-07-03 Tuesday | birth of Marilyn Kathleen Morehead (Mitchell) | Seattle, WA
1980-06-24 Tuesday | birth of Katie Jean Arnold | Oregon
2018-09-21 Friday 03:12 PM LMS | Roaring Twenties
Published at 12:22 AM Saturday
Updated at 12:55 AM

1945  Irene Dwana Pickett House Stand.png
1945  Irene Dwana Pickett House Stand FRAMED.png
1951 Dwana & Marilyn Funny.png
1951 Dwana & Marilyn Funny FRAMED.png
1955 apx Picketts n others.png
1955 apx Picketts n others FRAMED.png

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