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This God looks like a knight: He has blond hair and rides on a light horse that is black like the night on one half and dazzling white on the other. A garnet on the reins shines like the sun. In this knight’s attendance is a paladin whose name is Loyalty.

Gym advice: strength and mass will come to you, but only if you continuously get stronger in the heavy compound movements (this is the main rule for naturals, i.e. non-steroid users). This means that most of your gym sessions will be about pushing your limits.

Adequate preparation (sleep + diet) will enable this. But, in my experience, you also need a good amount of passion to push through when the sessions get ever heavier.

Thus, you need to optimise your mental game in relation to your gym sessions. This is the idea behind memorising epic quotes (like the one above, which is from Otto Rahn's Lucifer's Court). The same principle applies to garments (many Legio Gloria designs for example) and to amulets. As seen in the picture, I am wearing the Hammer of Thor. I look at the Hammer and am reminded of its meaning (it is a symbol of strength).

I have long been a proponent of the PWO (pre-workout) Routine. A moment of mental preparation before the session. A cup of coffee, a fruit, some intense music, some videos (many of my videos are to serve this purpose). Get in the right mind-set before hitting the gym.

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