Day 2 of filming success and video gear musings

Today has been another fantastically productive day filming with The Scaramanga Six band!

This is me, filming the back of Steve, the bassist.


We had all sorts of angles, shapes, backdrops and lighting setups. Crammed in to 4-5 hours of non-stop filming.

I’m utterly exhausted.

Shooting videos under time and space constraints really tests your ability to think straight and work towards targets.
I try not to over think what I’m shooting. You could get bogged down for hours. If somethings not working then I swiftly move on to the next idea.

Being a performer, and always having to be switched on is really tough too. Towards the end of day we were flagging in energy.
Steve is a veteran with this sort of stuff and knows what’s required, but it’s still taxing in so many ways.

After this project I’m looking to upgrade my camera setup.

I love my GH5 and I’ve got some cool projects shot with it - it’s a very versatile camera - but I really miss the Canon aesthetic.


Shooting some stuff today with my “old” Canon C100mkii has made me fall in love with those images again. Even though it’s only HD and can’t compete in a technical sense... the images are still lovely. I can’t put my finger on it. The colours, the focus, how warm, soft and film-like it looks. Compared, the GH5 looks contrasty, sharp and digital. Only in small way, but noticeable aesthetic ones.


The camera I’m wanting is the Canon C70.


It’s bursting with incredible features and it’s holding its own against some very stiff competition out there on the market.
It’s got everything I’m already used to (and love) with the C100mkii - but with far more muscle.

It’s £4700 for the body only. Plus extra costs for extra batteries, cards, adapters, focal adapter, new hard case - I’m probably looking at an outgoing of about £6000. Which isn’t bad at all for what I get.

Anyway, this is all really just food for thought.
I’m getting a bit ahead of myself and need to be patient.

I’m looking forward to future projects and keeping this energy going!
I think I’ll be making a new showreel abd updating my website shortly :)

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.

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