Capsule Film Review: Stargate (1994)

Roland Emmerich imagined his 1994 film Stargate as the greatest science fiction film since the original Star Wars. The plot deals with ancient Egyptian artefact that is in modern times revealed to be device that creates wormhole allowing instant interstellar travels to various parts of universe. US government has taken possession of device and organises expedition led by Colonel Jack O’Neill (played by Kurt Russell) that lands on a distant planet ruled by aliens that look like ancient Egyptian deities. Stargate has more than decent cast (including James Spader as scientist Daniel Jackson), solid production values, special effects more than adequate for its times and few spectacular scenes. Although somewhat uninspired deus ex machina ending lowers the general impression, Stargate maintains sense of wonder and adventure that is absent in so many Hollywood films of the same genre. Few years later Stargate got sequel in the form of successful TV series and few more that formed rather impressive media franchise.

RATING: 7/10

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