Pearl Crystal


The deep sea is home to all organisms. All have the right to enjoy the resources available. No one can forbid participating in it. all must share each other's rights. A life of harmony is the key for all sea dwellers.
But apparently not all residents have the same perception. There is a group of sea dwellers who feel they are most entitled to get facilities. They are a group of barracudas who feel they have more power to receive service than other creatures.
One day while gathering on a coral reef the barracudas talked to all sea dwellers about their position which had to be prioritized.
"Whatever I ask must be made available immediately," said one barracuda.
"But we all have equal positions," objected a minnow.
"Of course not! We barracudas have a close relationship with killer sharks. Haven't you ever seen how they slaughtered anyone who resisted?"
Minnows and all other creatures are silent. They still remember there was a killer shark destroying their place of residence just because no one wants to tell where the turtle lives.
"Clams, now I ask you to find food for us."
These submersible shells always feel invaded by the barracudas.
"But this time it should be more than before. We will have a party and you have to prepare everything."
Sad shells just stopped. He knew that no other animal would be able to defend him.
Seeing the shells stay still the barracuda getting angry.
"Are you tired of living here?"
Barracuda starts attacking shells. They wag their tails and throw like a ball. The clam can't fight it just keeps holding it so it doesn't get worse. I close the shell. Until on one occasion there was a large barracuda ejecting with a strong tail. Shells carry ocean currents to deeper waters. He fell between the rocks on the seabed.
Shells try to see the situation by opening the shell. when seen the situation is really quiet. he walks with a very mortal pain. He hides behind rocks to keep from being prey to vicious predators.
The tears that caused her tears so much turned out to make a crystal stone. As long as he was bullied by the barracudas, every drop of tears that came out increased the size of the crystals in the shell. And the sadness due to being thrown away makes the crystal grow bigger.
He slowly ventured to open the shell wider. He looked around carefully. he began to recognize the new environment. he began to see dolphins going hand in hand, but he still didn't know them so he didn't say hello.
Until one day there is a dolphin watching.
"Why do you only peek through your shell?" greeting the dolphin is friendly.
Shells ventured to open their shells wide. He felt he was in a better community.
"I'm afraid."
Finally, the clam tells all the events that he experienced. The clam felt happy because now it was in a better forging.
They become more familiar and the shells feel comfortable. When he opened his shell very wide suddenly emitted a very bright light. This light is reflected from the crystal in the shell so that all animals are attracted to see it.
The dolphins came first and expressed their admiration.
"It turns out you are not a person to spread. Your life's journey full of pain and struggle is able to produce amazing results."
Since then, clams have gained a respected place in their community. Clams are no longer considered crumbs because it turns out that they have very precious things.

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