Disguised Obsession - II


This story began here…

….I stood behind a ginormous mango tree within the Capperhid Teachers' College campus, enjoying the crunchy feel and sweet taste of my red apples and dressed like other college students but I am not.

I couldn't help myself but I had to see her. Just one more time before I left this town for good. I get easily bored and Capperhid has lost its appeal for me.

Ada had been my obsession right from when she first walked into the bookstore where I worked as a sales manager. Such a beautiful young lady with a luscious, hourglass body figure.

I have always had a weakness for petite, hourglass-shaped ladies. First, it was Ella and after her, I met Lola before I moved from that town to Capperhid.

I am in love with Ada. Yes, this is what love feels like. I have to convince her to leave with me so we can make a life together elsewhere.

Ada is so beautiful and intelligent too. Whenever she comes into the bookstore, it's like we are on a date. I engage her in discussions on her favourite books and she requested Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown which was not available on the shelf at the time.

I moved all obstacles to get her the book. She came for it yesterday and it was a good opportunity to let her know that I love her. The shock and dismay on her face wounded me.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, her delicate fingers on her chest in shock. "I - I thought we are friends. I am sorry if I encouraged you to think otherwise. I am not ready to date anyone now. I'm sure you will meet someone that will love you more than I ever could."

She picked up her book and left.

I felt such tightness and pain in my chest. I became numb and looked in the mirror. Am I that bad looking? Why won't she want me? Or is it because I am not an undergraduate like her? Of course, I will go back to school, she only needs to ask.

I made up my mind to visit her in school and convince her that we are good together and we will make a lovely couple if we left Capperhid.

I waited for her behind the mango tree and as soon as she's out of class, she will see me. I finished my apples and waited.

Ah, lectures are over. As students filed out of the class, Ada came out smiling and looking so beautiful it hurts. But her smiles were not for me… She smiled and hugged a male classmate.

Now I am angry, so angry!

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