Fiction: You turned black magic against Creator, not against me

It doesn't really matter what you believe or not, but till now you petty picked explanations that fit your narrative and avoid even considering making an effort to see the whole picture.
I will not spell it for you.

No, the things are not self-explanatory, and no, you can't skip entire chapters thinking you know everything. So, put your ass down and shut the fuck up.

Have you fallen so low that you are ready to poison me with black magic over a handful of gold?

Aside from your pale attempts I am also literally plagued by repeating warnings, the same as you recently experienced. And no, it is not an accident, and no, I am not the one who is doing that.

All those numbers WERE fine until recently. My people no longer accept the explanation and demand your head on the stick, because if anyone of my kind made a grudge against us, I am due to assist them.

And you are a particular one that they especially despise. They went so far as to insist on divination, and those things are not lying.

The reading showed you who put a vex because of the GOLD. Good that you admitted that but the fact you are not sorry makes the entire thing very bad.

Just to make one thing clear - a seal has been broken by the Judge because you failed Creator, underdelivered, your own people rebel against you, it is intolerable.

You blame me for your problems and believe I am the one who put a curse on you out of sheer entertainment.

You believe that my people are some evil hateful tribe who exists just to fatally cripple you and cause chaos.

You think that I am subject to their opinion and they ordered me not to talk to you...

That is so far far away from the truth.

I am not the only one who knows how badly you failed the Creator. And none of them can believe he made YOU a Demiurg.

You have no seal for quite a time now, so whatever you sent to me, and whatever you said was heard across the entire planet by every single seer out there.

They all want you gone.

It is true that many consider Creator unfair, punishing, and evil and consider me his "imperial Marshall" but they ALL ask for redemption, forgiveness, and mercy but fail to see that each of them attend a sprouting seed of destruction in their hearts.

And the same hatred turned His garden into their jail, all archangels into demons, a hand of god into his terrifying punishment, mercy into wrath, and you just casually joined them!

I am no Judge, and it is true that unlike him, The Creator graced me with impartial free will and that what I have as a soul will battle Heaven and Hell for the Creator and his creation.

Unlike you, I know the difference between fake gods and I don't bow to their golden totems.

They built the dungeons where there are no bars.

Now, you can believe it or not. Live in darkness or light, whatever fancy your choice, but it will never be changed. You don't need to prove anything to me. I resent you nevertheless.

I know only what I can see here, and it is not ok.

Because now on every fucking morning I have a whole tribe being in distress and all seers and light carriers waging war against you.

And only you can comment about how my tone choice is kind of wild? How charming.

Do you hate me? Fine. Drown in hate. You don't actually need me to do anything. Answer to the Creator directly.

You don't need a boss to lead you like a dog on a leash, so don't call for one.

You chose for yourself to live like a slave and he made you free.

Guru will be dancing joyfully because of your choice. He will elevate temples across the land to his destroyer.
He will welcome dajal and pronounce him a ruler of the world.

And this enormous abyss you put in this reality out of nothing but fake martyrdom is becoming bigger and bigger with every moment you sleep in your fantasies caged with self-made delusion.

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