Yearbook 2000-2001 Part C

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 53 Joey Arnold FACE.png

Hey Arnold!

That's what they called me in our Basic Metals (welding) class during 9th grade, my first year in high school. You can see my freshman year picture in our yearbook here. Some of my friends, classmates, include Thomas Tom Adams who did tagging, ballerDan Aguilar, Kathleen Bare who said hi to me & I didn't reply as I thought she did the hello for me, Nick Becker who made videos with me in 2010, Jazmin Barbosa who sat next to me in Health 9, Ronnie Bell, Christina Beaty who was a a friend of ours at Cornelius Community Baptist Church (CCBC), Kristine Bahsen, Alyson Bean.
Page 053

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 53 Joey Arnold, Thomas Tom Adams, Dan Aguilar, Kathleen Bare, Nick Becker, Jazmin Barbosa, Ronnie Bell, Christina Beaty, Kristine Bahsen, Alyson Bean.png

Sunday Brazington's dad was friends with my dad, Shalane Campbell who was a funny girl, Hannah Casey who probably knew Tiffany Cumbo, Nadia Cantu, Zack Cox who played baseball, Andrew Cuinard who played basketball with me during lunch, Andy Christopherson who was in some of my classes.
Page 054

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 54 Sunday Brazington, Shalane Campbell, Hannah Casey, Nadia Cantu, Zack Cox, Andrew Cuinard, Andy Christopherson.png

Skateboarding Dylan Davis who was a friend of Eric Koelbl, smart cute Rebekah Denham, Catherine Davis, Katie Hillary Dober who was in my English 11 class, Melanie Dunn, Amy Espinoza who I wrote Encourage Articles (EA) for, Layne Flaig who the ladies dug I'm assuming.
Page 055

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 55 Dylan Davis, Rebekah Denham, Catherine Davis, Katie Hillary Dober, Melanie Dunn, Amy Espinoza, Layne Flaig.png

Kari Herinckx who became the queen, baller Chris Garner, goofy cute Erica Gustafson, beautiful Talia Hess, funny Brian Hodge, Chris Hoffman, prep star baller Mychal Gould.
Page 056

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 56 Kari Herinckx, Chris Garner, Erica Gustafson, Talia Hess, Brian Hodge, Chris Hoffman, Mychal Gould.png

Smart Shane Hosea, Insane Clown Posse (ICP) Crystal Huggett, lovely Afton Hutchison, Adam Hortsman, baller Greg Hoyt, Andrew Johnson, cute Danielle Johnson, happy Cody Johnston, Tonja Jones was in my Biology class (or maybe not except for one day), church friend Eric Koelbl & Word Of Life Bible Institute graduate like me.
Page 057

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 57 Shane Hosea, Crystal Huggett, Afton Hutchison, Adam Hortsman, Greg Hoyt, Andrew Johnson, Danielle Johnson, Cody Johnston, Tonja Jones, Eric Koelbl.png

Baller Lionel Liberty was also on my softball team in 1993 back when I was eight years old, ICP neighbor Jose Lopez, Belinda Lucero who was in my Spanish class & was also my neighbor. She might be related to Cynthia. The three of us were friends since like 1993.
Page 058

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 58 Lionel Liberty, Jose Lopez, Belinda Lucero.png

Ryan McGinnis, baller Daniel Michalek was in my P.E. class & tuaght me about thug life, lovely Megan Montgomery, Traci Morgan, brilliant Katie Moon, funny Joe Moyer, beautiful Megan Normadin, strong Cody Norbury, cute Whitney Nelson was in a biology class with Tonya Jones.
Page 059

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 59 Ryan McGinnis, Daniel Michalek, Megan Montgomery, Traci Morgan, Katie Moon, Joe Moyer, Megan Normadin, Cody Norbury, Whitney Nelson.png

Deer Marci Ranes, tall Lacee Roth, skateboarding Gary Rayevich was a friend of Eric Koelbl & I sat with them during breakfast in the cafeteria. Beautiful small nose Jessie Robinson.
Page 060

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 60 Marci Ranes, Lacee Roth, Gary Rayevich, Jessie Robinson.png

Angela Thayer, Sara Tucholsky, homie Tommy Tamez who taught me all about the differences between the Blue Crypts & the Red Thugs & he probably said that if I wore blue & red, then both gangs would beat me up. Tall baller Rolland Stuck gave me a haircut & rode on my bus. His mom or whatever gave out Free Bread to people. We would go there to get free bread. Funny Jared Smyre, cute Thelma Lou Tenorio.
Page 061

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 61 Angela Thayer, Sara Tucholsky, Tommy Tamez, Rolland Stuck Free Bread, Jared Smyre, Thelma Lou Tenorio.png

Yearbook 2000-2001 Part C

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Neighbors, Crushes, Coworkers

Neighbor Kyle Vanderzanden at space 162, Richard Vandyke worked with me as we were managers of the girl's basketball team, Monica Verjan, lovely neighbor Karla Villa in space 161 who I had a crush on, funny Melissa Wallway, stallion Emily Warner, preppy Briana Weaver, Kyle Welch & his hair, Jeff Wentsworth, Ryan Wiley.
Page 062

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 62 Kyle Vanderzanden, Richard Vandyke, Monica Verjan, Karla Villa, Melissa Wallway, Emily Warner, Briana Weaver, Kyle Welch, Jeff Wentsworth, Ryan Wiley.png

Timeline Map

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A Walk To Remember

Beautiful Salena Willner who I always had a crush on, Gavin Garfield who rode my on my bus & he drew, artist Duy Rast who gave me his art collage one time, Craig Young.
Page 063

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 63 Salena Willner, Gavin Garfield, Duy Rast, Craig Young.png

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