Forest Grove (FG) - My Hometown

Forest Grove

(FG, not Field Goal) is the city I'm from, born & raised since 1985. FG is a small city or town (in WC, not Water Closet) which had under 20,000 people in the 1990's.

Where is Forest Grove (FG)?

FG is about 25 miles west of Portland (PDX), Oregon (OR), USA, & FG is 64 miles east of the Pacific Ocean & FG is about 200 miles south of Seattle & FG is 571 miles north of Sacramento.

FG is in what was Oregon Country

Oregon Country was an American territory which consisted of Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, & parts of Wyoming, Montana, BC, & rested between the ocean & the Rocky Mountains.

Long ago, California was Mexico?

So, Oregon was right above Mexico, AKA California, & under Canada. I played basketball at the Harvey Clark school. I'm guessing that Harvey Clark is related to the Louis & Clark. Oregon may be named after Oregano (flower) or Ouragan, which means hurricane, in French, as it can get windy around here.

FG is between bigger cities, forests, & farms.

The best of both worlds. Mom homeschooled me, my older brother, Rick, my older sister, Katie, and my younger sister, Crystal. We had many adventures. Went camping around Gales Creek as a family a few times. Learned landscaping & basketball from dad who was doing freelance landscaping. Father worked at Owen Corning in the 80's. Pappa also worked at Stimson Lumber, a lumber mills, where he supervised lumber mill machines. He operated the cutting, sawing, machines, for a few years in the 90's.

FG was settled in the 1840's

FG is in Washington County (WC), in Tualatin Valley. FG had a population of 21,083 people in the 2010 census. Prior to the 1840's, the Kalapuya Native American Indians were living here in what is now FG. In 1841,

History of Forest Grove, OR, USA

FG is home of the Pacific University.

Alvin T. Smith, not to be confused with Will Smith, settled in FG. Smith used the Oregon Trail. Smith came as a missionary but Indians were dying due to not being immune to European germs. Smith rode horses with reverend Harvey L. Clark, not to be confused with Clark Joseph Kent, AKA Superman. So, Harvey Clark helped found Tualatin Academy, AKA Pacific University.

Cowboys & Indians

Clark started a school for Indians in Glencoe, a city, which died in 1910, but parts of it became North Plains. Bill Bailey went to Glencoe High School, in Hillsboro. There is a Glencoe road connecting North Plains with Hillsboro.

1805 - Lewis & Clark.

1824 - Smallpox. Tabitha Brown and the Clarks helped orphans in FG. Clark came from Vermont. Smith was a farmer & carpenter in Illinois.

1840-1854 - FG was referred to as the West Tualatin Plains.

Smith got men to help repair roads and bridges in FG each June for years. Smith had an ox team to help cut down logs, trees, to help build the first house of nearby settlers. Atfalati Indians were in FG.

1841 - Clark & Smith rode horses to Gales Creek, built a cabin, and started what became the Zurcher Farm. Yeah, Zurcher, not Zuckerberg or Jerk Her.

1843 - provisional government in FG.

1845 - Thomas Naylor claimed 562 acres of what became downtown West Tualatin Plains, which became Forest Grove (FG).

1850 - teachers at Pacific were often paid in land. Businesses sprung up, including a store, tanner, shoemaker, blacksmith, saw-mill, & a grist. Mary Richardson Walker organizes the Maternal Association. Members pledge to pray with and for their children. First post office, with Alvin T. Smith as the postmaster.

1851 - first map with FG on them.

1854 - Smith built a New England style home, south of FG.

1860 - a Masonic Holbrook Lodge charter was granted. 13 professions were listed in the FG census: 64 farmers, 16 laborers, 6 carpenters, 3 blacksmiths, 2 cabinetmakers, 2 saddlers, 2 merchants, 2 millwrights, 2 ministers, 1 clerk, 1 professor, 1 lumberman, 1 printer. 1865, Sloan opened the first hotel.

1866 - a stage coach line ran through FG, Hillsboro, Portland, & Yamhill.

1869 - the first rail was established in FG. The Onward Sternwheeler traveled the Tualatin River as far as Cornelius with an average daily load of 17 passengers. around 5 stores opened on Main & Pacific.

1870 - only 33% of the 396 people of FG were farmers while the rest were working as merchants, craftsmen, teachers, etc.

1871 - train tracks were first laid as far west as Cornelius as of 1871.

1872 - First newspaper, The Independent. First elections, 1873. Train tracks were extended west as far out as Dilley and beyond. Mail arrived daily a four-horse coach in 1878. With a population 547 persons, FG was larger than Hillsboro.

1881 - USA President, Rutherford B. Hayes, visited FG.

1884 - Samuel Grant Hughes began the Independent Telephone Company (ITC), ten years before Bell services, in FG, but also in Cornelius, Banks, & Gales Creek.

1887 - E.W. Haines built a generator on Gales Creek. Why are we not all building our own generators?

1891 - a new city charter was established that changed the form of government from the village elder system to an elected Mayor and Council form of government.

1892 - electric lights & power were first turned on & FG required all downtown buildings to be build out of bricks to reduce the risk of fire. But I disagree as regulations grow over time like cancer.

1895 - a volunteer Fire Department was established.

1896 - the Water and Light power plant opened.

1897 - Alcohol Prohibition was revised and renewed.

1900 - FG Population: 1096. Railroads connected FG with Portland & McMinnville.

1903 - an anti-cigarette league was formed among small boys in the city.

1906 - The FG National Bank was established & a telegraph office was built.

1906-1911 - FG had streetcars which connected downtown FG to Carnation, AKA South Forest Grove. The streetcars were in service for five years from 1906-1911. and now just one Tri-Met bus-line, number 57, which is funded by the government, AKA tax payers. We had Bus 58 years ago.

1907 - Pacific Avenue was paved.

1908 - FG movie theater was built.

1908-1932 - the Oregon Electric Railway (OE) came to FG in November of 1908 and (OE) had passenger cars for 24 years from 1908-1932. I didn't know that my city had 3 competing transportation companies.

1909 - Lincoln School opened.

1910 - FG streets were oiled to keep down the dust.

1911 - The Commercial Club (early version of the Chambers of Commerce) met regularly at the Rogers Free Library & a group of businessmen turned Macrum Mansion into a hospital.

1913 - Oregon women gained the right to vote. Over 150 FG women voted that year.

1914-1929 - the Southern Pacific (SP) came in January of 1914. (SP) had passenger cars (Red Electric) for 15 years.

The Great War To End All Wars

1917 - two dozen local men fought in World War 1. Over 80 women joined the National Honor Guard.

1919 - big fire burnt down a whole business block including the Congregational Church.

1920 - the census listed logger as an occupation. Before that, it was listed as lumberman since 1860.

1921 - new hospital opened on Cedar Street.

1929 - Talkies came to the Star Theater. Another big fire. National Great Depression began.

1932 - three out four voters voted Republican.

1933-1951 - Tillamook Burns forest fires continued burning for 18 years, burning 311K acres: the Great Depression & these fires affected the Tillamook Forest logging industry which reduced economic growth. Residents earned money fighting fires.

1935 - Stimson Lumber opened near Hagg Lake.

My dad worked there. Stimson Lumber roots back to the 1850's.

1938 - FG government reorganized into a City Manager system.

1941 - students were mobilized to work in strawberry and bean fields. Others worked in Portland shipyards. 221 Japanese were sent to internment camps, 137 of them were Americans.

1942 - Public Law 45 allowed farms to hire Mexicans.

1948 - voters approved a $12.3 million USD Tillamook Burnt forest replant.

Why is this City Named Forest Grove (FG)?

FG was named after a grove of trees, of forest, around Pacific University, those really large trees on 1851-01-10 according to OGN. We had an Chemawa Indian school in 1880, but that moved to Salem in 1884.

1969 - TriMet replaced 5 private bus companies.

Articulated Buses

1982 - Trimet introduced Articulated Buses, as in longer buses, but they required extra maintenance & discontinued by 1999.

1983 - we moved to FG as a family.

I lived in FG from my birth, 1985-2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011-2012, 2017-2018. Was living in FG for my first 19 years of my life, & returned a few times.

FG Has The Largest Barber Pole in the World

FG is 5.88 squared miles. FG has a big tree. Nowhere Man was filmed in FG. We have the Grand Masonic Lodge since 1922. FG started becoming more of a Ghost Town in the 90's like Detroit & other places all over America.

Open-Carry AR-15 in FG

Bikini Baristas

Forest Grove (FG) is My Hometown

2018-06-21 Thursday 12:49 PM LMS: Forest Grove FG OR Oregon
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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Was Born There

Oatmeal Joey Arnold, that is me, was born in the hospital in Forest Grove (FG), Oregon (OR), USA, the date of birth (DOB) being 1985-02-11, that is the year of the Buffalo as an Aquarius, in 1985, February 11, Monday, with the name of Joseph Scott Arnold, to my father, Donald Melvin Rasp, 1950-09-26, Los Angeles, CA, who was adopted around 1953 to an Arnold family in Oregon, and my mother, Marilyn Kathleen Morehead, 1951-07-03, Seattle, WA,

Dear Steve Jensen

I wrote the following message to Steve: My dad, Don Arnold, worked landscaping for a Steve Jensen. Someday, I may want to buy a house. I may be interested in work, too. Was working in Vietnam. Not sure if this is the same Steve that lived in Lake Oswego, OR and/or maybe Oregon City. We were in Forest Grove. I'm in Shelton, WA, now. Dad worked for Steve since the 80's and 90's, mostly. Just wanted to say hello. Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday. Best of wishes.

Steve Jensen Homes, Inc.

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Who Lives in Forest Grove?

This post article is a rough draft introduction to my hometown, FG.
Friends of Historic Forest Grove
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Weed Smoking Mike Mulletino in my Ghetto Rose Grove
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Teachers in FG includes
Science Teacher - Tonya Jones
Drama Teacher - Bonnie McCabe
Weight Training Teacher Coach - Mike McCabe
American History Teacher - Scott W. McCahon
Math Teacher - Joseph (Joe) R. Baumgartner - Fun Facts to Know - Eve of Destruction
English Teacher - Catherine Bennett - Grade 11 - with Katie Dober
Spanish Teacher - Senor David G. Burke - Filmed Him
Nicole M. Christopherson - her son was in my English 10 class - I'm guessing
Typing, Web Design, Computers - Blond Cindy Dickerson
Basketball Coach - Greg A. Evers - I worked for him as a manager
Physical Exercise (P.E.) Teacher - Sue Fleskes - Favorite PE Teacher
Maybe my Woods Teacher - Christopher (Chris) Higginbotham
Maybe my science teacher - Tammara Johnson, or was it Tonya Jones?
John O'Neil
Opperman - Computers Class in 9th Grade with Tommy Tamez
Favorite Art Teacher - Philip Thias
History Teacher - Bob Wismer - 10th Grade
Biology Teacher - Sandra Garcia
9th Grade English Teacher - Mike Mlynski
FG History on Wiki Spaces - Closing Soon?
My favorite Country in the World?

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