Adelaide Steem Meet Up - January 2020 - FFF -


Thunder murmured a veiled but empty threat off in the distance while I sat typing this, listening to the heavy rain on the roof.

It’s probably not the best place to do this as I am now saturated and all that water can’t be good for my iPad...

I’m kidding!

I am in fact typing this while on my bed, safe from the elements doing their little dance outside, with an electric fan doing it’s best to combat the heat inside.

But I am not here to talk about today, I am here to talk about Thursday just gone, because it was time again for the monthly Adelaide Steem Meet Up at The Jade pub.

Bringing The Heat

Yesterday, the sky was both a dark blue and devoid of clouds. It’s something that I have gotten into the habit of noticing, largely because I can say “There’s not a cloud in the sky!” and mean it.

yuspxo.jpgBlue skies over Adelaide

It’s a this point that I should point out that if you were to read my entries regarding the Adelaide Steem Meet Ups you’d think that Adelaide was perpetually 40 degrees Celsius. I can assure that it isn’t. It just so happens that the last few have fallen on really hot days.

The image below doesn’t really add weight to my claim though, does it? Lol!

m27emn.jpgYes, that’s in Celcius

When you know there’s an Adelaide Steem Meet Up you don’t wait around, you get there fast!

t8jkld.jpgDon’t just stand there, Mo, get on your scooter and let’s go!

When I arrived at the pub, @mattclarke, @galenkp, @holoz0r and @ursa were already sitting inside talking and trying to escape the heat. I was encouraged to get myself an icy cool drink, an offer I gratefully accepted. Later we were joined by @lordnigel, @thatcrohnschick,@ctrpch, @minismallholding, and her two daughters @izzydawn, @svitlaangel and their boyfriends.

After a while, the music and our conversation were competing for dominance and we moved to the beer garden. In total, we had 13 people turn up.

a2uh95.jpgWhere the magic happens!

Steem meetings are great in the sense that because everyone has their own interests and focus, you can glean all sorts of useful hints and tips. Some are better at creating blog posts, so there’s advice there, or some might be homesteaders, or preppers, or programmers, or gamers, each with their own tips and points of view.

What unites us is the Steem block-chain.

We talk about the future of the block-chain and plans with the technology long before it emerges.
There’s the politics and discussing whether we are familiar with certain Steemians, recommending who to follow, and what services and content they produce. We encourage others to produce better content too while making the the whole thing light, friendly and jovial.

Someone ordered a whole heap of pizza and believe it or not, it was all eaten. I am far from innocent and ate my fair share. Chuckle.

q1hhsb.jpgJust don’t ask me how my diet is going...

It’s fair to say that the mood was lively and there was a renewed sense of enthusiasm regarding Steem. Personally, I found a new sense of focus and direction with my Steem account and have started making plans to see how I can make 2020 a brilliant year for myself and my followers along the way.

All too soon it was getting late and the meeting came to an end and we headed off to our various destinations.

After escorting @holoz0r and @ursa to their bus stop, @mattclarke and I went to the train station, with a quick detour through Rundle Mall, to once again prove we are Adelaide Steemians.

zyinyu.jpgGenuine Mallsballers

Anyway, I know this is a different sort of Food Fight Friday competition entry and I am rusty but I hope that you enjoyed it.

Good luck everyone and I’ll see you in the kitchen!

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I really missed this. :)

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