Come visit the beach.


Nine Terns out on the hunt today and amazing how their wings are syncronized. Sadly the weather was not of the greatest.

But of course on our way back home, the weather did not stop us from taking a quick walk on the beach. I got some shots there and will show you the usual variety of birds.
Come and have a look.

The good thing about the bad weather is that we normally have the miles long beach to ourselves.

A White breasted Cormorant making his way above the surf.

This guy was practicing for the Kelp Gull Olympics.

The lady gull was shopping for food, but her husband was tired of waiting and here he decided to fetch her.

So he escorted her out of the sea shop.

And here he was shouting at her because his wallet that he gave her was empty. Of course she pulled her nose up at his accusations.

Like I said it was a short walk today, as after two meetings I was in hurry to get back here to do my first post now. My second post later today will also be about birds, but at a different place as I took the photos over there after our first meeting this morning.

And That's All Friends!

Note: All photos are my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and the story.

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