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My current avatar.

Because of that great smile, the hat, that youthfulness, and according to my younger sister and others, since chicks can prefer bearded men over naked-face boys, in 2018, December 17th, Monday, at 10:55 PM PST, I chose this 2009 Joey Arnold (JA) profile photo for my Facebook (FB) profile account, @JoeyArnoldVN, AKA Joey Arnold, and it does look cool. Generally, while in Vietnam, my avatar would be a picture of me & some random girl because those fake couple photos would get people interested and it confuses some people on whether I may be male or female, white or yellow, American or Vietnamese, and I have felt that I would get more friend requests because of that. I could be wrong about that but, for years, I would base my avatar off that generality. But I also tend to think that it's better to build my Original Oatmeal Brand, my face, my name recognition, somehow at the same time, but maybe via different strategies, via different hooks, icebreakers, attention grabbers, click baiting techniques. But I try to remain open and I may go back to previous avatars and banner photos in the future. But for now, this is what I have.

Hola Got Talent II
2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg
2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Facebook Banner

2018-12-17 - Monday - 12:27 PM PST - I chose this photo from 2013, November 17th, Sunday, from an English club (Hola English) event called Got Talent 2 which I was randomly invited to attended at a cafe in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. I made that photo my banner pic on Facebook. I chose that photo because it looks funny and fun and I see girls all around me. I play guitar, sang a little, for that talent show that day. It was beautiful and fun as was things during my 5 years in Vietnam, 2012-2017. I like my avatar on Facebook because it looks exciting. The only problem is that it is so small.

Selling Means Ownership?
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Chronology of My Biography

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Current Stats

I have 20,965 followers and 4,021 friends on my Facebook as of right now, 01:44 PM PST LMS JA, Thursday, the 27th of December, 2018, and I used to have about 22K followers some months ago. Before that, I also had around 10,000 friends across two accounts on top of all of the followers. This post here on Steemit serves as a quick update on my Facebook. I've provided some stats, a timeline of my history. This is a quick rough draft outline on everything Facebook related. I first joined Facebook like in 2006 when I was attending my second college, ABC. I wonder if my email account still works or not. I was already on MySpace but a bunch of fellow college roommates & classmates were all joining that Face thing.

Kill All White People = Hate Speech?
kill all white people facebook fb update

Breaking World News

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That Book website.

So, I ended up joining around the fall of 2006 or early in 2007 at the latest. I've had dozens of different Facebook accounts, profiles, pages, groups, events, videos, photos, memes, GIFs, articles, encouragement articles (EA), links, friends, posts, comments, things, over the years, and many of them have been terminated by Facebook, not by me, and many things have happened over the years both good and bad. Long story short, I've had a blast there and I'm still there until they can (ban) me even more than YouTube has with my channels, my thousands of videos. I've met so many amazing people over the years online, especially via Facebook.

Hitler Pictures = Hate Speech?
hitler joey arnold oatmeal l4oj oja ja aj ij oj l4ojsa ojawall oregon vn vietnam english teacher pewdiepie trump

Tracking Technology

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Fake Book?

So, thank you so much Facebook for all of the memories and I hope you enjoy all the money you stole from me and others, those billions of dollars you profit from each year while simultaneously acting illegally as a platform and as a publisher which violates American USA anti-trust, Fair Use, Safe Harbor, DMCA, and copyright laws, acts, rules, guidelines, through deception, through fraud, through shadow banning, terminating accounts, pages, groups, videos, photos, etc, to and for and towards millions of users globally while spying & leaking private Facebook messages to governments, corporations like Vietnam, China, the European Union (EU) especially and much more, like Google, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Comcast, GoDaddy, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Make America Grinch Again

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