What are your favorite people, places, phases (times), products (things), philosophies, principles, ideas, parts, and/or anything, everything, whatever, of all time? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of my favorite things, ever, as follows, in no particular order:

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The dance of our soul is music, and it spells the opportunities, the steps, to these very moments we live in now. Music is a shadow of the times, the movements, the moments, the people, the things, the culture, the places, of life, of everything.

Music is our juice, our motivation, our courage, our guide, and our song. Music gets us up. Music keeps us going. Music calms and heals a broken heart. Music is our heart. Music makes us smile. Music is opportunity,


We are already in an event horizon bordering dark ages and unlimited potential as we live in the future already. We all are able to interact with each other more now than ever before in history. That is a scary thing. That is a great thing. It is a tale of two cities as it was the best of times and the worst of times as described by Solomon, the King of Wisdom, that there is a time for this and a time for that as echoed by the Beatles, in every season, turn, turn, and turn, as echoed by the Brady Bunch Movie, I'm going to keep on, keep on turning, keep on moving it right, until the cows come home. Now is the time for choices.

Destiny is in our hands. There is hope over dope, eternal joy over circumstances, when we are looking for outrageous joy (L4OJ), meaning in life, purpose, destiny, agape love through doves. Globalists are killing us. We are the underdogs. We are the sleeping giants. We decide our fate as we stick together against plaques of death.


Music & opportunities convicts us to take action to make history in those key moments in life. There is nothing better than going with your heart (James 4:17) in going with your gut in getting things done when the going gets tough, individually, locally, nationally. By the way, Tommy Robinson was thrown in jail in the U.K for 13 months for reporting on rape. Tommy spoke up about our needs for borders because of his conviction. We can see what truly matters in life when we study the patterns of history.

Globalists are killing us when we are not killing them.

Opportunity is here for a limited time only. Do what you can while you still can or you can wait until they throw you in jail. You are next. I'm next. Elites are trying to kill us patriots in so many countries around the world. They're stealing away our rights, freedoms, health, children, education, salvation, security, savings, money, choices, privacy, property, joy, purpose, and life. It takes conviction to stand against the darkness around us. We are the light in a shadow of darkness.


What holds everything together? What is the source of music, opportunities, and conviction? The justice and grace of eternal, universal, fundamental, objective, absolute, Agape love. We feel it. We can know it. Not only can we feel love, we can get to know love more and more as love is more than a feeling. Love is in what we do, Love Thru Action (LTA: 1 John 4:19). Like that song in the first Back to the Future film, that is the power of love. Don't need money. Don't need a car. Don't need a credit card to ride this train. It's cruel and it's hard. But aint nothing better, good to the last drop. There is an owner's manual devoted to the origin of love, historically. Love is the foundation to all music, joy, love, life, purpose, & destiny.

Favorite Everything of All-Time

2018-05-25 Friday 04:12 AM LMS: Favorite Everything of All-Time

Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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