Are the Stars Aligning? ~ #meanttobe

See that boat? Yeah, I was supposed to be on it this morning. An all-inclusive day trip to Yelapa including all the fun stuff like kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, water slides, all that fun stuff. They had a special going on for half off, so only 55 USD! What a steal! All you can eat and drink along with all that cool stuff to do??? Sign me up!




But then I got the text message last night from my buddy that the boat had some mechanical issues and they cancelled the trip.


So while I was pretty bummed out this morning, I looked out side and the weather was not looking too good. Over cast with a light drizzle, maybe it was best it got cancelled...

THEN, I got a text message from a lady who I had been communicating with about her property for rent. A 2 story bar that had been closed down.

The only problem? She already had someone interested who was meeting with her yesterday to sign the paperwork.

Again, BUMMER!

So when she text me this morning and said that the boy she was dealing with, was hours late, only brought part of the deposit, and didn't sign a contract, she asked me if I wanted to come out today and check out the property...

Uhhhhhh, yes please!

So maybe this was all meant to be. If I had gone on the boat trip, I wouldn't have been able to see the property and maybe that boy would have gotten his ish together and closed the deal.

Lucky me! Fingers crossed this location works out because the last one, while a great spot, was a disaster dealing with the owner who seemed like he could care less if he wanted my money or not.

Business down here in Mexico is not like back in the states. You basically have to know someone or walk the streets and look for places that are vacant. They don't really advertise or market anything, which can suck for someone like me who doesn't have an inside track with a ton of locals.

Praying this goes well and I can open up shop here soon! Wish me luck!

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