Farsite is an upcoming blockchain based space RTS MMO


There is no denying that blockchain based gaming is the wave of the future. Look at any game in which you can trade items and you’ll find people trading under the table. Even games which don’t allow trading have people selling accounts. Utilizing blockchain technology makes this legal and even allows the game itself to profit from these trades. The demand is there, now we just need the developers to start taking the needed steps.

Some projects are very high profile, such as NBA Top Shot and F1 Delta Time, but there are a lot of others out there. One such project which has just now entered my radar is Farsite Online.

To quote their website:
Farsite is a DeFi-powered economic MMO RPG/RTS game with elements of adventure in a sci-fi setting based on a post-apocalyptic story to be released on Ethereum 2.

Explore the Universe or establish a Base on a Planet in hunt for rare materials to craft powerful Ships and Modules, trade on the open market, fight for loot and honor to govern an entire Constellation!

Or in simpler terms for any non-blockchain enthusiast reading this: EVE Online with full asset control. Anything you earn in game can likely be sold for real money, it is truly play to earn.

This won’t be the first game to attempt this and it certainly won’t be the last. The question is, will this be the game to thrive? It certainly has lots of things going for it.

  • The development team behind it is already established in the blockchain community with their game MegaCryptoPolis. If you visit their website, you can easily see that a phenomenal amount of money has exchanged hands and the team knows what its doing.
  • Based on the website description, the approach to value is very different from the existing Crypto Space Commander (CSC) game. Each item has an inherent value due to staking in Farsite while CSC relies primarily on supply and demand to determine the value.
  • The game is designed with level 2 solutions in mind which will drastically reduce cost and transaction processing time.

Farsite has a lot of potential and I’m definitely going to be following it closely. If it sounds promising to you, please sign up using my referral link.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and whether or not you want a follow up post!

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