Time to start growing plants..

(Rose apples)

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Summer has already arrived here and the summer showers too have appeared for the first time in the year. The photo above is that of the fruit - Rose Apple or Jamba as is it known in Asia.

These fruits are seasonal and appear mostly during summer. We have also planted a few saplings and hope they will grow into good trees.

(Curry leaf plant)

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Now is the season to grow fruits and vegetables. So, I request all who read this to plant seeds or saplings and grow your own because it not only gives the satisfaction of becoming a farmer but also saves money when you grow your own fruits and vegetables.

I know it is easier said than done but my late aunt used to grow so many vegetables on her small terrace. What is needed is just a small bit of inspiration and some pots with saplings and the duty of watering the plant on a daily basis.

How do I go about it?

Buy a small pot. If you live in an apartment without a balcony, place it near the window sill so that it gets sunlight. Make sure to fill it with manure, and mud and if you do not know how to do it, you can always ask the nursery to prepare one for you. Plant a seed or a sapling. It would be better to join some seed bank on a social media platform and get it from full-time farmers instead of buying those seeds from amazon because you never know if it is not good.

The seeds that you can plant and harvest within a short time are cherry tomatoes, green chilies, brinjals, okra, bitter gourd, cucumber, spinach, and meter beans Some of the above are creepers. So, if you have a backyard, it would be great to start planting now.

What after planting?

Plants attract all sorts of insects. So, you must be prepared to combat those. Make sure to buy organic fertilizers and use them as per instructions. Most probably, the seller will tell you how and when to use it. Also, buy a plastic spray bottle as it will come in handy. Spray only as required. Too much will spoil the plant and even make it wither off.


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Protecting the crops

When the fruits or vegetables start to grow, more visitors will start appearing and try to spoil them for you. You can use small covers to protect it. Also, prevent humans who are inquisitive from touching it. You won't believe it. We have planted a guava tree and this is the third time, the fruit which was near ripe was literally stolen and we have not had a taste of our own hard work.

What about the extra harvest?
You can store it for later use. You can exchange it with other farmers or sell it in the market. You can also use it for preparing jams or pickles.

The thing with growing your own fruits and vegetables is that you can be sure that what you eat is poison free. Once you get the hang of it, you will be a farmer for life.

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