A desert fairy


It had been almost eight months since Svetlana and I was married. She had yet to return to the human world and must not be seen. The last time she was there, she was followed everywhere by those droids and activated cameras. At this point, I was more afraid of them than Svetlana. When she first came to me as a fairy, I was so surprised at the story she told me about how it all started. I found her to be one of the most beautiful things in my entire existence. So, I decided to become her husband.

I had it arranged so that, since I knew nothing about her, if she ever left our home, I would have to leave also. That was just perfect for me because I couldn't leave her for she was all that I had. I currently work as an accountant at some big corporation. So, I have some money to spend on Svetlana. I didn't have to worry about the droids either, because if they were to come too close, Svetlana would scare them away. She said the droids are afraid of fairies because they hung around with the Devil. When asked her what the Devil meant to her, she pointed out to the sky.

All the time I spent with Svetlana, since that first day of meeting her, had been the most amazing time of my life. I'd been worried that I would have to endure some pretty boring time of having her with me. I had been worried about that, but that had been the furthest from the truth. There was never a dull time with Svetlana. I knew at this point, I didn't want to exist without her. And yet, I had a longing to explore the world outside of my home a little bit at a time.

It was this longing that had me going to a place where I had been several times before. It had been a few years since I took any of those tours through some sort of underground plant. This palace of sorts was magnificent. It only cost me a modest price of a few billion. I was amazed by the plant itself. It has been reinforced with advanced technology for now, no one could ever get in. I knew at this point, Svetlana's safety was now my main concern. Because of this, I had no intention of taking the tour.

The moment I turned to leave, Svetlana came up to me and told me that would be the last time she saw me for a while. It was that moment that she extended her slender hand to me. I took her hand and kissed it softly. I told her I would wait for her, no matter how long it'd be.

I spent several days wondering what had taken her. She never returned.

It was now about two years since she asked me to wait for her. I was also beginning to lose my patience. I came to the cave and was able to see her. I could see she was crying and she looked so beautiful. She was wearing all her wedding dress. I touched her and said goodbye. I wish I had never met her.

I continued to wait for her and never ceased to love her. I always hoped that one day that I would see her again. I'd been praying the day would come.

Obviously, I never got any of my questions answered. I spent another six months waiting for her and never went to the palace again. I began to feel empty inside. I wasn't even getting sick from the lack of her nearness. But, I still waited; my hopes began to diminish. Finally, my hope and love for her was all I had and that was about to be my end.

I walked out of my front door, with all the things I needed the most with me. I knew this was the end. I had no one else; I was alone. I thought about how I couldn't stay anywhere as long as they knew I was there. I thought about leaving before my wife left her shell and walked out of the mansion. I thought about what my life would be like without her. But, I knew this would be no life.

I never turned to look to see if she followed me. I continued to the cave. She had a look of worry that I hated to see in her eye. It was a look I had seen from very few people. But, this time, I was the one who would have to tell her the truth.

"Why did you leave me?" I asked Svetlana after I placed the lantern in the cave.

"I had to," she answered me without looking at me.

"Why?" I said as I walked over to her.

"You stayed here. I had to go." She simply answered.

"I would have never left you. I love you so much."

"I know you do. But, you had to go."

"Why?" I asked her as I climbed on top of a rock that overlooked a small waterfall. The place was beautiful. I had made a pond that I've been trying to grow a small forest near the waterfall. Then a small patch a few yards away from the pond. Then a small field a few yards from it. My plants grew quickly and looked beautiful. "Svetlana, these plants are beautiful. You can sit here and take a look around.

She nodded her head, but never spoke a word. "I didn't come down here just to see your plants, Svetlana. Sit here with me a while."

Without a word, she walked over to the rock and sat beside me. She was looking out into the forest that I had planted. This beautiful sight made me think of her. My heart was beating, I was going crazy.

"I want you to know that I do not love anyone more than you." I said as I held her hand.

I looked up at her and she was crying. She had been crying for some time now. My anger had been released once I had arrived down to the cave, but her sadness shocked me. I began to feel empty again.

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