The magnetic field of a silent war


He was one of the few survivors of the Two Hour War, a seemingly unstoppable force of destructive military might led by the highly sophisticated 'Archontes' commandos who had left the Earth virtually defenceless. The war was almost over before it began, with the Archontes luring the humans to their doom. For the humans, it was a simple story. They were being driven into a place where they would not be able to turn back, and they didn't have the resources to fight back.

What they didn't fully know was that the Archontes were not an independent attack force but a lawless terrorist group who had been behind everything from asteroid mining strikes to the theft of the Elohim's nuclear weapons. They played the war as few other groups could, exploiting a loophole in the treaty that allowed future violation of extraterrestrial property rights to be deemed 'just war'. The Archontes didn't have any interstellar government treaty that allowed the use of their latest weapon technology that would be vulnerable on Earth.

The massive attack that brought the Earth too the brink of annihilation was a new form of long range magnetic force weapon that had been developed by a rogue physicist and a brilliant computer scientist, led by a charismatic leader named Octus who had found ways to tap into the plasma realms of space and turn them into matter. Conventional weapons were useless but the Archontes were able to harness this force to create powerful 'Killer Waves'.

Strangely enough, the power of this weapon had absolutely no effect on nearby solar systems. The weapon wasn't even able to damage the entire planet, calling into question the theory of the Archontes regarding this as part of their 'just war' defence of their own rights to possession of their lethal weapon technology. They probably would have had more chance of defending their claim with the weapon.

They had arrived in the solar system with just over two days of fuel and five million tons of hardware. Two hundred thousand of the commandos were listed as destroyed in the first hour as their equipment was ripped to shreds. At first they had used relatively un destructive antigravity devices to try and prevent the destruction of their ships and equipment, but the initial attacks gave the Earthlings their first real hint at the full extent of the danger they faced.

The resulting attacks destroyed anywhere from four to ten per cent of the Earth's foreign population and eight to eleven per cent of all the Earth's citizens. They quickly saw this as immoral, and the plan was abandoned. The destruction of the Earth became the objective, which resulted in the deaths of 100 million people in the next few days. The magnetic weapon was slow in its impact, but it was soon creating unstoppable walls of plasma energy that destroyed everything in its path.

The magnetic weapon was seen at its most destructive in an area known as the Great Black Desert, which had once been the southwestern United States and southeastern Mexico. The weapon was most effective in large areas that had been cleared of humans first.

The weapon had the appearance of a yellow "vortex" about a meter in radius, and it was easily mistaken for a whirlwind. It was invisible except for the Earth's magnetic field, which was warped violently and became visible by the swirling motions of the charged particles in the field. The weapon used a powerful magnetism to alter the Earth's electromagnetic field and create a high-intensity electroplasmatic reaction. An additional problem for the humans was that the swirling plasma storm almost completely blocked optical and radio communications, as it temporarily polarized magnetic particles in the upper atmosphere.

The Earth's magnetic field was almost unbearably attractive to charged particles, and once it was weakened by the weapon it was vulnerable to solar and cosmic radiation that was pulled in huge amounts into its atmosphere. The loss of magnetic particles precipitated a long-term weakening of the Earth's magnetic field, which is why it didn't completely collapse and start destroying the planet.

The Earth's biosphere took a substantial hit from the weapon, which damaged thousands of species of plants and animals. The Plasmatic Killer Waves were a form of charged particle stream that magnetised the Earth's atmosphere and ionosphere, which caused a huge increase in particle flux to the magnetosphere. A radiation belt formed around the Earth as a result, which was a short term problem as the magnetosphere developed a huge hole. The particles at the surface of the Earth were affected by the high flux of charged particles from the belt of plasma particles. The rays altered a number of nitrogen-based molecules in the air and increased ozone depletion, resulting in a reduction of up to 60% of ozone in the North and South polar regions. This was an ongoing problem.

The rays attack any form of plant or animal on the planet, altering the DNA. The streams were mostly visually harmless to humans, browsing the Earth's surface and atmosphere. Killer Waves could move through areas from the ground to more than 660 kilometers above the surface in the upper atmosphere, and they damaged every microorganism in its path.

The effect on land and sea was devastating, and almost the entire Earth was now submerged under large amounts of water. With the advent of the Yellow Storm, the land mass of the Earth completely changed. Huge amounts of molten lava now poured out of the Earth under intense pressure, creating volcanoes around the Earth that were 500 times more powerful than any existing volcanoes.

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