Presence of evil


After two hours of walking we arrived at the cabin of my relatives Juan and Lili arrived quite tired I for my part arrived somewhat agitated because they did not follow us than to walk, my girlfriend arrived dead, it was incredible nobody had followed us not even the zombies Those do not know if it is because it is very depopulated around here or I do not know what if I know that we arrived safely, the problem to Benia then we did not have water or food there were only two beds well on my part there was no problem but lili and juan They were nothing but with all the events it was normal that the two of them fell in love little by little but hey, that is normal, it is a man and a woman but hey.
Well we arrived late we looked for some food but nothing, suddenly lili started calling us saying guys come on I found something very particular we got to the basement of the cabin there was a refrigerator very similar to the one in my house, and if to my surprise the walls were also overloaded and if I went to see, wow to our surprise there was a lot of variety of food it was like paradise in the apocalysis.

It was like 7 at night and we started eating canned food. We ate and drank water until we were satisfied, in terms of weapons there were only four types of weapons.

A long alliance hunting rifle, a re-cut shotgun, a 9mm and a revolver. The most impressive thing is that toads had a silencer adapted which was very convenient since it does not produce any noise.

We spent the night inside the hidden room to tell the truth that night I heard too many noises from the zombies, to be honest that night I did not close my eye very well because Juan snored too much when he sleeps and lili if my girlfriend is silent out of fear almost nor I slept I stayed watching that night some zombies tried to enter the shelter one of them looked out the Hands was a little scared that they would enter the crowd so I managed to cut their hands serious error this iso that the zombie began to scream like a kind of scream , a mixture of screaming and something like a choking in the throat.

More and more began to arrive, more and more they hit the walls as if they were going to knock down the refrigerator that separated us was shaking a lot, I thought this was the end of us I woke everyone up so that at least we would die awake we all took a gun, Juan the rifle , lili the shotgun, my girlfriend decided to take the 9 mm and I the revolver we woke up waiting for these zombies to enter to reach our end for our luck it was not like that I imagined that the story would have been different from staying at the top but Well it dawned and the zombies continued to stalk us, they staggered and staggered the wall until we were armed with courage and we shot at the hands, I know that it is stupid to keep ammunition like that but what else was it, die or survive Juan with the rifle shot at the wall calculating more or less where the head was and if he hit it, I don't know if it was luck or what, but then we all started shooting at the wall, this meant that the walls would weaken but for more time It seems that it was working around 11:30 in the morning, zombies stopped arriving. I imagined that being a small town, these were all the residents.

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