A soul without light


They can see in the dark, she tells him. They are hunters, not protectors. This is the secret they know, and that she has recently learned, is the secret they must let fall into the world. A small part of her wishes that they never left the forests of their homelands, now lost to the mists of time. It was hard at first, the gradual relinquishing of their bodies. She had to testify to the others, report to the elders, tell them of the great leader that was lost to them, their great hunter who had become a domestic. It was difficult for her, though she barely remembered her life before this, before they fell to the human world. She remembered, but she didn't know, and now she must remember.

It was the great hunter who had led them into the world, the great hunter who had led them to accept what would befall them. He had already made their sacrifices, but in their hearts they feared him, celebrated his coming. She remembers too, but it was hard then, telling the others of the great loss. She didn't know why she was chosen, she didn't know why she was needed. She now does, and she fears it.

She wonders if they were wrong to accept the offer of human life, or if they were driven by desperation, by the need to move on, to survive. She knows that the elder who talked to them, who gave them the choice, must have been weak, to ignore the possibility of death. She doesn't second guess what they chose, she doesn't want to put herself up against the great leader's spirit. There is still so much for her to learn, as there is for the others. They want too, but there are so few of them still.

It was the great hunter who was chosen as the chosen one, though it had seemed unlikely at first. She remembers. He was the last to go into the world that day, the last to embrace the gift of it. He was the last to transform, the last of so many who had already lost their homes, their lives. She remembers the sadness, the grief, the anguish of it all. She would never fly again, she would never run through the grass of the fields they had known, she would never lie on the ground beneath the grass and gaze at the starry skies. She would be bound to the earth, bound to what she wouldn't be allowed to see, and she would have to keep the secret. The secret of just how they could see, and of the terrible fate that lay before them.

She was given a choice of a name, a gift that the great hunter had bade her accept. Her name was given to her by the elder who had talked to them of the decision, the great hunter's name. Her new name would be the name she was to bear until her death, and that name was the last they would have of her. The next day, she remembered, was the last day of their lives, the final day of their freedom, their life together. It had been a gift then, to be able to go into the world to learn, to try and survive. They had all suffered before, had all lived a fear to one day live their lives again. It was the great hunter who had been allowed to live. The great hunter who had trapped all of their dreams within the walls of the forest.

It had been the great hunter who had trapped her in the forests, in the woods of the great leader's home, in the peaceful forest he'd loved so much. He had been the last, and he had not known the true danger that had been set loose upon many others. She knew, but she was too late, she had been too late to prevent the great hunter's death, but she had tried. She had tried so hard to save him. He had been cherished by the great leader, and it filled her with grief when she saw the affection that he had had for the great leader. It filled her with grief and rage, and she wanted to be free.

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