Become part of the @familyprotection team. We need your stories, your expertise and support.


@familyprotection @markwhittam @canadian-coconut need your help and support!

We have started a support group for families who need help with protecting themselves against CPS/Social Services and other government agencies who are so quick to split families up and place the children in foster care/care homes all in the name of 'Child Protection'.

What will @familyprotection offer in the way of protection?

  • First and foremost we are a support group, we will offer support to families who feel threatened and alone.

  • We will offer legal advice and guidance for families who find themselves backed up in a corner by the CPS.

  • We may one day be able to offer funds for people to have their say in a courtroom or escape.

  • Once enough people are on board we will be able to connect the right people to the right help they need, in the area they live.

  • We will offer peace of mind, just knowing a group like this exists can be enough to make people feel safer.

I, Mark ( @markwhittam) and Linda ( @canadian-coconut ) are very passionate and driven to help people who are going through hell at the hands of the CPS.
The reason for this passion is we have both witnessed first-hand how these agencies operate and how they threaten, intimidate and trick families who in most cases are innocent of any wrongdoing. For these reasons Linda and I will do our utmost to make this project a success;

  • we will promote and take care of the @familyprotection account.

  • we will raise funds through posting, fundraising and investing.

  • we will resteem and support any post that is relative to this cause with the #familyprotection tag.

  • we will research and investigate stories of injustices caused by the CPS.

For this project to really make a difference in the world we need all the help we can get.

Whilst we are very passionate and driven to make this work, we can not do this alone and we don't have all the answers;

  • We need help from people who have experience and knowledge and can offer legal advice to families in need.

  • We need people to help us spread awareness, to write posts that can warn people of this problem we are faced with.

  • We will need help raising funds

If you would like to help but want to remain anonymous, contact

If you want to stay anonymous, we can post for you. Simply send me a markdown copy and we will post it under the @familyprotection account.

We are currently working on a way to reward people who write for the @familyprotection account.

Please help in anyway you can, together we can spread awarness, together we can offer help and support to families in need, together we can help put an end to the suffering so many loving families are going through all over the world.

Believe in family protection,
Support family protection,
Be a part of Family Protection.


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