Protecting Families From The Depopulation Death Jab - Enjoy with Troy!



The Propaganda of The Puppet Masters

Look Here

So you have been holding out to take the jab, Well, step right up, friend. It's your lucky day! Uncle Joe will pay you $100.00 to fil your body with graphene oxide, Come on folks, I know your wallet is hungry and you are too. A hundred dollars is a sweeter deal than those Krispy Kreme donuts, burgers and gift cards that our neighbors sold out to. The TV says everyone is getting vaxed so it must be a good thing. After all, Joe Biden cares about us. He would never lie to us...right?

Bribery really fosters the trust level...I'm getting warm all over.

And Their Real Agenda

Don't Look Here

Yet, we have over 11,000 reported deaths due to the Covid vaccines. How many more unreported deaths are there? These are innocent people who blindly and willing trusted the propaganda. There are other folks who were coerced or threated with job loss by an employer or as a prerequisite for returning to school. These are mothers, grandparents and even children. The spiked proteins and graphene oxide creates the perfect storm to both kill and sterilize both our adults and youth. And now they want to jab our babies!

Did you know that COVID 19 stands for CERTIFICE OF VACCINATION IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The document of course is the vaccine passports they are pushing. But if you turn 1 and 9 into the alphabet equivalent we find A and I as in artificial intelligence or the 'Singularity' merger of human and machines. It is an emergency experimental gene therapy that recreates you DNA from the RNA. You body become a place to manipulate and download via vaccine plus 5G. I ask where is the emergency in this plandemic scamemic?

Of Depopulation

Can you imagine the kickbacks to big pharma and the medical world for pushing the jab... deeper... deeper... follow the money of this hyper marketing scam. It is all part of the agenda 2030 to depopulate. Bill Gates promotes and finances the depopulation efforts. It is also inscribed in the Georgia Guidstones. In a mice test run, we found all the rodents died within two weeks. That is equivalent to 2 to 3 years of human life. It's the graphene oxide in the vaccines, folks.

Scrolling though uncensored internet sites, we find countless videos of tearful families who have lost loved ones from the jab. My heart and prayers go out to them, in the crosses that they must bear. But, we must understand that this depopulation agenda on the innocent is not new.

Is Not New To Families

Over two generation ago, we find the legalized murder of babies. Our government encouraged mothers to be pro-choice and allow the killing of human life. But abortion was only a stepping stone in the picture. With the disposal of papa bear, big daddy government de=POP-ulation efforts excelled. Look at all the tools in their chest...drugs, cigarettes, processed food, chemtrails, the education system to brainwash... oh and yes... the CPS.



Or The CPS

A person does not have to be dead to be dead. Child Protective Services knows this and has been mastering this agenda for many years. They know the psychology of intimidation, manipulation and lies. They cunningly use the element of surprise through a home visit, an unexpected inspection or a mere phone call. They may contact your child's teacher, doctor, minister, librarian, neighbor or even relative to spy on you. A good (Orwellian view) case worker realizes they must kill the fighting spirit of families to feast on the child trafficking rewards of cash. As selfish racketeering bonuses are paid, psychological baggage litters the lives of the innocent.

The four 's' of the CPS - stalk, steal, sell, shatter.

And the silent death sets in. Families separate. It is likely mom and dad will never have more children, and the stolen babies may never either. The seeds of fear and mistrust have overtaken the dreams of the innocent. Violent hands and the angry voices of strangers replace the hugs and kisses. Scenes and words play like a repeated tape. Emotions of fear, anger, guilt, loneliness, depression, helplessness creep in... and those damn nightmares. Many will never see their children or parents again.

The broken home is a well established reminder of the handiwork of the CPS. So too, is the broken heart. The judicial system is full of paid off judges and lawyers. Where there is money, there is corruption. But where is justice? We allow our babies to be trafficked and trashed.

Yes, CPS theft of children is a jab of death that goes unnoticed, unreported and is unacceptable. It seems the state run press-stitutes only want to promote fear and a lethal injection. They are pawns of the propaganda machine, and not true journalists. To think, had we truly defused the depopulation agenda when abortion or the CPS creeped in, we would not be witnessing the global scale death jab today. We allowed evil to metastasize into this living hell. Though our silence, we allowed the cancer to spread.

Why didn't we hear the cries of the unborn? Why didn't we see the voiceless tears of families stalked and shattered by the filthy greed of the CPS? Are we so selfish and apathetic that we could not see?

Being The Voice Of Truth

In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell

The death jab has been around for decades. In this Orwellian world where truth is hated, I am grateful for those who have the guts to tell it like it is. I think of SGT Report, USA Watchdog, Dr. Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, X22 Report, Alex Jones and so many others. These folk get de-platformed for taking a stand, but they fearlessly continue and are a beacon of light. I also think of folks like @familyprotection and @informationwar who tirelessly stand for family, truth and justice. I encourage you to support folks like these, and those in your own local community as well, who are a voice for the voiceless and innocent .

In Unified Non-Compliance

In the end, the truth is much sweeter than any Krispy Kreme donut or $100.00 from creepy Joe. It has always been our choice to refuse the jab of depopulation. Bill Gates and the elites are determined to eliminate 90% of the population by 2030. Only through the global unified non-compliance of saying 'NO', will we overcome the filthy graphene oxide of this depopulation agenda. I for one have the hunger to live. How about you?

Will End The Depopulation Jab

Be the voice of truth and protector of life.

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