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With humbleness, I offer the song parody, 'O Little Child Of Foster Care,' based on the Christmas Carol, 'O Little Child of Bethlehem.' Foster children live in a world of enslavement. Cash is made for each child that can be sold into the system. Yet, what is the price for this child trafficked corruption? Pain, abuse, loss of dreams and family, neglect, mental baggage...the list is endless. Freedom cannot live along apathy and enslavement. Families cannot thrive if the CPS is stalking and stealing. Together, we can end the trafficking of children. Together, we can protect the family and children. With you're help we make a difference.


The world in darkness lay on a quiet winter's eve. Within the snowy frost, we hear the sound of voices from an old house...and a voiceless cry for help.

What is wrong with this kid? He doesn't listen. You aren't going back to your parents. Now go upstairs to your bedroom, before I give you a whippin.'.

The Slaughtering Of Innocence

The world is littered with foster children who suffer in silence. They are stolen, slaughtered and sold like cattle. The CPS foster care system, with its informants, is the Orwellian big brother eye. Regardless, if you are a new born or teen, your life has a dollar value to the corrupt government. Corruption lives, while the dreams and soul of innocence dies. This is the wicked irony of filth. Children are trafficked in sex, or if lucky, placed in a foster home.

Besides if they cared about you, Zack, the CPS would not have had to take you away. (turning to his partner), Hey honey, did we get the check from the CPS?


The Price Of Corruption

Yes, there is a cash reward for being a foster parent and for stealing children. The CPS would tell you it is a win win, as profits are made and everyone benefits....everyone except the child and the parents they were taken from. Fear enslaves and tears pour out of the hearts, as the loss of dreams and lives are mourned. From the greed of the system, we see the rise of the helpless and hopeless. We see pain and misery replace laughter and joy. We see a death like decay of humanity. What a price tag for to pay for corruption.

In silence, Zack sits, arms and legs covering his little body, like an abused animal. He looks expressionless and numb, yet we see the pain of his eyes in this darkened room.

Apathy and the CPS

It seems the system does not care. Judges are bought off, social workers are handsomely paid and life goes on. Apathy lives and allows corrupt and lies to flourish. Yet, freedom cannot live along side apathy. It must be one or the other. In parallel, families cannot be free, if the CPS (Child Parent Separation system) is stalking and stealing. It must be one or the other.

The CPS Serpent Whore

Apathy and the CPS are like the serpent or whore of long ago, A real marriage cannot exist if there is a third party involved in the bedroom or the heart. Emotional or sexual infidelity happens. In biblical likeness, Adam and Eve could not keep true to God, if they chose to believe the serpent's lie of betrayal. Such was infidelity to God. When the CPS breaks up the home or steals kids, they are the serpent whore that leads in the betrayal of freedom and the theft of innocence.

You know, there was talk of some half baked, pro-family group that is working to take this kid away from us. These crazy fools think they can do that.

Making It Happen!

Well, they are not crazy or half baked, but they believe in freedom and justice. They want to see families live in peace and work to fight for their rights. If you can dream it you can do it. Yes, children must be free from the enslavement of the CPS system. They are meant to be with mom and dad. I firmly believe it. Together, we can make it happen. Together, we can restore families.

Lift high the sword of freedom that truth and justice give.
O come my friend, protect defend, for innocence must live!


The Umbrella of Protection

There is hope and protection for the little child of foster care. Pro-family groups are in the trenches, working to bring freedom to the helpless, hopeless and hurting. Folks like @familyprotection, on Steemit, are tirelessly endeavoring to be a voice for the voiceless and an umbrella of protection to those in danger. They love children and lift high the sword of freedom with truth and justice. I encourage you to support @familyprotection, as they protect innocence and bring freedom to all.

The Videos

I offer two video to accompany this song parody. The first is by a children's group called 'Cedarmount Kids.' This is sweet and nice to listen to. The second is an exceptionally well done A Capella video recording by the Gaither Vocal Band. This recording seems fun and progressive musically. Honestly, it is my favorite. May the words of the parody speak to your heart.

Advent is a time of darkness before the birth of the Christ child. In likeness, the foster child experiences darkness and feels hopeless in the enslavement by the CPS...until apathy is destroyed by the love of those who bring freedom and justice.

Extra Verse

There are 4 verses to this parody. I realize these recordings only have three verses. However, the original writing had 4 verses, and lent itself to this.

Now enjoy the song parody and be sure to support @familyprotection.

Cedarmont Kids

Gaither Vocal Band A Capella

Oh Little Child of Foster Care

O little child of foster care
How still and silent cry.
While evil creeps the world sleeps
Within an Orwellian eye.
Yet in the darkest shadows
When fear gives way to flight.
The prayers and tears that love endears
Are shared for you tonight.

THE CPS goes merrily
And gathers kids for cash.
While innocence they bury
And profit from the stash.
In mourning scars to tether,
like slaughtered cattle's worth,
The fearful cling, while stolen, bring
A cash reward at birth.

Such apathy! Such apathy!
The world in which we dwell.
Evil imparts it's calloused heart,
And kidnaps with lies to tell.
And though there is deception,
A serpent steeling whore.
The voiceless meek with tears they speak
"Protect us and restore."

O helpless Child of foster care
Who stolen and stumbled lay,
Cast out your pain and dream again
For hope is here today.
Lift high the sword of freedom
That truth and justice give.
O come my friend, protect defend
For innocence must live!

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