Pool, family and board games to begin the weekend


There's nothing better than a pool, board games and family. We've been enjoying our time since Thursday morning in an uncle's summer house. It's all been great, the road was uneventful, and the town is a quiet one, today pretty much we spent the day at the pool and playing wizard, a card game that is a little complicated but once you get the hang of it, it's amazing and a hell lot of fun.


Nada mejor que alberca, juegos de mesa y familia. Disfrutando con la familia desde el jueves en una casa para vacaciones que tiene un tío. Todo ha ido bien, la carretera muy tranquila y hemos estado todo el día en la alberca y jugando wizard. Es un juego medio complicado, pero ya que le agarras la onda, es muy fácil y divertido.