Stop focusing on how stressed you are, and remember how blessed you are

"How are you?" This is a question we can always hear again and again. Although we can see their situation... asking them about their condition has still a great impact on their lives and it shows that we care.

So how are you?

In life, problems are just around the corner. It's like they're waiting for us, and pop up whenever they want. And here we are... Focusing on them until we forget the blessings that we got.

So now, join me as I choose to make this day a way to remember my blessings and stop focusing on things that can make me stress.


Breathtaking view


It's 5:14 pm when I, my hubby, and our baby reach this breathtaking view. This is just a 4-minute ride from our residence.


I love this view so much coz it's so green and fresh to look at. A lot of people stop here from their road trip, just to appreciate this view.

Just like earlier... There is a group of riders who spends their time taking pictures and selfies here before they continue their journey.

And of course, after them, it's our time to take and capture the moments.


And you know what, this day is the day my hubby and I plan to have a " wife and husband moment ". But you know how our little one will always get our attention and act like he's the priority. Lol.

But that's fine. He's our instant chaperone.


Having time with each other after marriage is a must to make your bond last long.

It's not required to do it in an expensive hotel, costly restaurant, or luxurious date... Just a simple bonding moment with an extremely beautiful place can make that day special.

Golden hour


This place is the best waiting spot for the golden hour, and of course sunset.


It's just so wide and spacious that you would not have any problem if anything will block the view.

We went here too early for the golden hour and sunset. So having sunkissed photos are just what we got.


The road

This place is along the road.


So everyone who has time can stop by here and capture the moment.


Who would not be fascinated by this breathtaking view? Can you ignore it if it's just right into your face?

Cemetery view

After spending our time in this breathtaking view, we transfer to another beautiful spot. But this one is kinda different.


It's still full of green and nature, but what's different is there are a lot of tombs.

If you're not familiar with this place, you'll think that's a lot of houses down there. But if you'll just focus more... You will see that it's not housing but graves.



A lot of people went to this place also, especially bikers. They love to hike and exercise in this kind of place with refreshing views.



This part has a waiting shed that's like taro leaves. It's so cute to look at and adds to the amazing view.


But you know what's cutest? My baby when he seems to do a wacky face. His tongue wants to taste some fresh air, so it needs to be out.


We stayed a little more... And capture every moment we can. Had a conversation as husband and wife, and talked about the blessings we received this month.

Tomorrow we'll get back to work, and that's the time stress can be earned again.

But just like my title emphasizes, "Remember how blessed you are". Count as many blessings as we received, and that's what makes us forget the stress we're facing.


Capturing another one before we got home. Before our little one got bored and cry out loud in this quiet place. HAHA...

Anyways, another thing I love here is the cleanliness of this place. Even though people come and go, they maintain the place. Thanks for this sign.


I hope our " wife and hubby " errands for today teach you to be grateful always. Don't focus too much on the things that give you stress. Instead, take a little walk, breathe fresh air, and enjoy breathtaking views.

Disclaimer: All photographs by me, unless otherwise stated.

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