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My dad, Donald Melvin Rasp, was born in Los Angeles (LA), CA, back in 1950-09-26, the twenty sixth of September, to Marie & Peter Marinus Rasp. My papa was adopted around 1953 into the Arnold family in Goldhill and/or Medford in southern Oregon.

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That Arnold family was Mormon. My Darth Vader (AKA father) played basketball at his Crater Lake High School in Central Point and Umpqua Community College in Roseburg with my uncle, Jim Jimmy "Woof" Gene Williams who married my mom's sister, Karen. My dad married Janet in the early 1970's but they must have divorced after a few years of marriage. Not specifically sure what happened. My mom married Ron Hunter whom left her as he thought my mom couldn't have kids and he then went on to have no kids with a new wife or so I've heard. My mom and dad married, 1980-03-08, or around that time, and had 4 kids including me. My dad's adopted mom probably died in the 1970's. My dad was taking care of her. My dad was in car crashes.


My dad took us kids camping during a few summers, to see his relatives in Medford in 97, to work with him in landscaping many times, to the coast for my mom's sister many many times, and even to Disneyland one time during the Christmas of 92.

Life Lessons?

My dad was always drinking beer and was always having affairs. He yelled a lot. He was verbally abusive. He divorced my mom around 2008. He was with Debbie Dove, Robin Baker, to name a few of his Girlfriends (GF) over the years. He has a sense of humor. He has great people skills. He taught us how to smile, work hard, be funny, in playing basketball, in landscaping, in being strong, adventurous, confident, creative, relaxed. He can get along with people.



My dad has been doing yard work, landscaping, since he was a kid. He was a firefighter. My dad worked at Owen Corning in the 80's. Pappa also worked at Stimson Lumber, a lumber mills, where he supervised lumber mill machines. He operated the cutting, sawing, machines, for a few years in the 90's.

Janitor Dad

In the early 2000's, dad worked as a janitor at my Forest Grove High School (FGHS) when I was there as a student. My dad worked for Steve Jensen, Chinaman Jack, Trash Man Jack, a FG mayor, & other yard clients since like the 1980's. My dad is a workaholic.

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Family Tree

1985 - Me - Joey Arnold - FG
1950 - My dad - Donald Melvin Arnold (Rasp) - LA - 1950-09-26 - to the present
1906 - My dad's dad - Peter Marinus Rasp - Amsterdam - 1906-04-14 - 1953-08-14
1881 - Peter's dad was probably Peter Sr. - apx.
1859 - And his dad was maybe Edwards Rasp from maybe Germany - apx.

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Rough Draft

This is a rough draft introduction on my dad.
Will be writing more on this in the future.

My Father - Landscaper - Basketballer

2018-06-26 - Wednesday - 11:54 AM LMS - My Father - Landscaper - Basketballer
Written by me - Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Written in June of 2018
Published at 11:17 PM

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Rasp Family History

2017-03-01 - Wednesday - 3 PM - JA - BK NW Q1 HCM - Family Reunions Are For Survivals

First, the main purpose for family reunions is survival.

We come together to talk about backup plans and where to meet in case of global fires. Our immediate families do this. We have a meeting spot outside of the house in case of house fires.

Bunkers? Castles?

But if there are wars or disasters, then the meeting spot should be at a castle or a big house or mansion or some kind of secret base or hideout. An uncle or a grandpa could be voted on as the godfather of all the family trees. They could be responsible with making sure relatives and extended family is accounted for. During family reunions, we can talk about strategies for surviving as a family or as families united by law or by lines and trees and blood, or not, and other things.

Not The First Time?
I came up with this today and I think that people kind of did some of these things centuries ago or years ago and we have been pulled away from doing these things from the NWO and all of that, the bad people who control and own us all in so many ways.

Not For Fun?

In other words, family reunions are not really just for fun and stuff like that.

Genetic Memory Fortification?

Second, family reunions are for updating family trees and for telling stories like the Titanic Drunk story and many other things like that. We should always have family historians and the person with the biggest house should probably be the godfather and the family historian with libraries of the family photos, videos, records, trees, documents, stories, and everything else.

Photo Recognition?

Third, family reunions are for taking photos, videos, and stuff, since it is good to compare our faces, our DNA, with each other in photos, and we might as well take photos together since we are all together during those times. We can also compare our medical records and talk about health strategies, problems, concerns, successes.

Kodak Moment?

Fourth, it is all about creating memories not just with family or extended family but also extensive family or relatives third removed or beyond.

Family First?

And I think people all around the world should do this.

Globalists Are Attacking Family

Family is under attack all around the world but mostly in America, the best country in the world.

United, We Rise, Divided, We Fall
The world government can defeat us faster if we are not united, together, within families, groups, friends, and things like that.

Your Country First?

I believe in nationalism, in your country first. Likewise, moreover, to a greater degree and priority, we should be family first too and we should make our families and family and family trees and blood lines and relatives and ancestors and everybody relevant again and bigger again and more connected again and safe again and strong again and healthy again and relevant again and happy again and united again and together again and oatmeal again and great again.

Families Unite


Keyword -

BK = Burger King
NW = New World Hotel
SB = Starbucks Coffee
Q1 = District 1
HCM = Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
VN = Vietnam - Viet Nam

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