I'm an Oregonian, American, Vietnamese, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, German, English, French, Hawaiian, Canadian, Washingtonian, Californian, Carolinian, genetically speaking and/or culturally and/or historically and/or geographically to some extent through my DNA, my family tree, as found on websites like and and also as found from family history and I've been to some of these places as I travel.

By the way, what is better, or or are there other websites that can do better? Are there family tree, genealogy, ancestry, decentralized blockchain websites and networks? So far, Wiki-Tree is maybe better in some ways as it is more open and free and stuff.

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I'm not really Vietnamese by blood but was in Vietnam for five years from 2012 to 2017. Was in Hawaii for a year from 2007 to 2008. Was in New York for 2 years. Was in West Virginia. Was born in Forest Grove (FG) city, in Washington County, near PDX, in Oregon State back in 1985, February, 11, Monday. Was in Quebec, Canada. Was living on the East Coast of America from 2004 to 2007. Was living in Portland (PDX), Oregon, USA, from 2008 to 2011. My father was born in Los Angeles (LA), California (CA) back in 1950, September 26th with the name Donald Don Donnie Melvin Rasp and was adopted into the Arnold family around 1953 and was living in Goldhill and Crater Lake and Roseburg, Oregon. My mom was born 1951 July 3rd in maybe Seattle or around there. I'm in Shelton right now.


Joey Jo Joe Joseph Scott Arnold: me: myself
Born/died: Forest Grove (FG), Oregon (OR), USA: 11 Feb 1985 - present.
Washington State, California, Idaho, New York, PA, WV, SC, NJ, CT, Hawaii, Quebec, Vietnam, Cambodia, Disneyland, LA; WOLBI, Salvation Army; camps; schools; forest; beaches, etc.

My Dad

Donald Melvin Rasp (Arnold): my dad.
Born/died: Los Angeles (LA), California (CA), USA; Oregon, 26 Sep 1951 - present.

Peter Jr. Marinus Rasp: my dad's dad.
Born/died: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Canada; California, 14 Apr 1906-14 Aug 1953.

Mary Margaret Rasp Atkins Hocking: my dad's mom.
Born: Los Angeles, CA: 25 Mar 1924.
Died: Pacoima, LA, CA: 12 Jan 1998.

Peter Sr. Rasp: my dad's dad's dad.
Born/died: Holland/Netherlands; Canada; California; 22 July 1879 - 21 Feb 1940.

Marie Charlotte Vanderbyl: my dad's dad's mom.
Born: Nieuwendam, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands: 1 Nov 1880.
Died: Concord, Contra Costa, CA: 7 Dec 1980.

My Mom

Marilyn Kathleen Morehead Hunter Arnold Cunningham Mitchell: my mom.
Born: Seattle; Oregon; Texas: 03 Jul 1951 - present.

Richard (Dick) Erwin Morehead: my mom's dad.
Born: Seattle, King County, WA: ------- 13 Jan 1927.
Died: Roseburg, Douglas County, OR: 12 Oct 2008.

Irene Dwana Pickett: my mom's mom.
Born: Miami, Dade County, Florida: 27 Jan 1927.
Died: Multnomah or Portland, OR: 8 Oct 1968.

My Dad's Side: Surnames

Dad - Rasp/Hocking(Hockney)/Vanderbyl/Emmingham
Mom - Morehead/Pickett/Henderson/Pickell

Grandpa - Rasp
Grandma - Hocking

G-grandpa - Rasp
G-grandma - Vanderbyl

G-grandpa - Hockney(Hocking)
G-grandma - Emmingham

GG-grandparents: Rasp/Palvenier, Vanderbijl/Koning
GG-grandparents: Hocking/Hocking, Emmingham/McDonald

My Mom's Side: Surnames

Mom - Morehead/Pickett/Henderson/Pickell
Dad - Rasp/Hocking(Hockney)/Vanderbyl/Emmingham

Grandpa - Morehead
Grandma - Pickett

G-grandpa - Morehead
G-grandma - Henderson

G-grandpa - Pickett
G-grandma - Pickell

GG-grandparents: Morehead/McRoberts, Henderson/Stephens
GG-grandparents: Pickett/Smith, Pickell/Pickell

My Family Tree Origin

Me --- Forest Grove, OR
Dad -- Los Angeles, CA
Mom - Seattle, WA

Dad's Dad: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dad's Mom: Los Angeles, CA
Mom's Dad: Seattle, WA
Mom's Mom: Miami, FL

Dad's Dad's Dad: Amsterdam
Dad's Dad's Mom: Amsterdam
Dad's Mom's Dad: Nebraska
Dad's Mom's Mom: Oregon
Mom's Dad's Dad: Idaho
Mom's Dad's Mom: British Columbia (BC), Canada
Mom's Mom's Dad: South Dakota
Mom's Mom's Mom: Montana

01 Dad's Dad's Dad's Dad: Prussia, Germany
02 Dad's Dad's Dad's Mom: Germany
03 Dad's Dad's Mom's Dad: Nieuwer, Amsterdam
04 Dad's Dad's Mom's Mom: Netherlands
05 Dad's Mom's Dad's Dad: Ohio
06 Dad's Mom's Dad's Mom: Virginia
07 Dad's Mom's Mom's Dad: New York
08 Dad's Mom's Mom's Mom: Iowa
09 Mom's Dad's Dad's Dad: Oregon
10 Mom's Dad's Dad's Mom: Missouri
11 Mom's Dad's Mom's Dad: Wisconsin
12 Mom's Dad's Mom's Mom: Wisconsin
13 Mom's Mom's Dad's Dad: Minnesota
14 Mom's Mom's Dad's Mom: Iowa
15 Mom's Mom's Mom's Dad: Pennsylvania
16 Mom's Mom's Mom's Mom: Kansas

My Dad's Surname: Rasp

Me: Joseph Scott Arnold (Rasp): Forest Grove, OR: 11 Feb 1985
My dad: Donald Melvin Rasp (Arnold): Los Angeles, CA: 26 Sep 1950
Peter Jr. Marinus Rasp: Amsterdam; Noord-Holland, Netherlands: 14 Apr 1906
Peter Sr. Rasp: Holland/Amsterdam: 22 Jul 1879
Edward F. Rasp: Prussia, Germany: xx Mar 1859

My Mom's Maiden Surname: Morehead

My mom: Marilyn Kathleen Morehead: Seattle, WA: 3 Jul 1951
Richard Erwin Morehead: Seattle, WA: 13 Jan 1927
Erwin Morehead: Weiser, Washington County, Idaho: 22 Jan 1893
Cyrus Eugene Morehead: Oregon: 9 May 1859
Robert M. Morehead: North Carolina: 1822
Ephraim A. Morehead: North Carolina: 1785
James Alexander Murehead: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland: 1751 or 1755
Jacob Morehead: Clones, Monaghan, Ireland: 1722

My Ancestor's Origin

My dad's dad's side: Netherlands, Germany
My dad's mom's side: England, Ireland
My mom's dad's side: Scotland, Ireland
My mom's mom's side: Ireland, Germany

Surname Origins

Arnold (Eagle) - German; Anglo-Saxon; English; Britain.
Rasp (grasp) - Scottish; English; German; Dutch.
Morehead: Scottish.
Hocking: English; Anglo-Saxon.
Pickett: Norman; German
Henderson: Scottish.

Rasp Morehead Hocking Vanderbyl Pickett Henderson

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About Joey

You wanna know stuff about me, huh? Haha, I'm the Original Oatmeal Joey Arnold Rasp Morehead Hockings Pickett Pickell Henderson Cunningham Hunter Mitchell of Oregon, Amsterdam, Germany, England, Scotland, Vietnam, Canada, California, Washington State; the Jo Joe JoJo Joseph Scott Cool Kid Ghetto Montana Icebreaker Mother Goose Harry Potter Austin Powers Billy Breaker Blue Power Ranger, and I'm the OATMEAL because you are what you eat and the meaning to life is love through justice and especially grace and oatmeal is my daily bread.

My email: was born in 1985, February 11, in Forest Grove, OR, USA. Was in Vietnam for 5 years as a teacher. Was a camp counselor for 5 years. I'm a filmmaker, writer, teacher, counselor, web designer, artist, musician, actor, singer, dancer, educator, historian, doctor, pastor, coach, comedian, activist, cryptocurrency investor, pirate, ninja, freelancer, developer, video gamer, basketball baller, athlete, geek, nerd, cartoonist, and a lover of eternal love, life, joy, and hope.

I'm for smaller government, less taxes/ regulations/ bad laws, more freedoms. I'm all for family values, community, nationalism, patriotism, freedoms of speech religion, arms, property, press, privacy, sovereignty, borders, decentralized free markets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, Bitcoin, Steem, Gab, Minds, and L4OJ hope over dope, joy over circumstances, encouragement articles (EA), Trump, Brexit, and capitalism over crony capitalism, technocracy, tyranny, corporatism, monopolism, plutocracy, oligarchy, progressive liberalism, socialism, communism, democrats, and I do hate Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Oprah of depopulation Agenda 21 programs, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Google, YouTube, DISNEY, Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Bilderberg, NWO, EU, UN, NAU, CFR, and more. China owns, controls, a lot or too much of of Disney, Hollywood, News Corps, other corporations, governments around the world, American land, American companies, a lot of the Internet, other big big things, etc etc. The top three big demons of the world may include the globalists, Chinese, and extreme Islamic terrorists.

Deep state is trying to take away our freedoms, our free speech, and more. Join this second global revolution, share the links, videos, articles, for the sake of our children and future, before it is too late. Thanks. With oatmeal in my bowl, is Jesus in your soul?

My Mom's Surname: Morehead

My Mom's Surname's History

Historians have noted that the family of Muirhead was one
of the ancient families of the shire (i.e. county), of Lanark.
According to Alexander Nisbet, in his book, A System Of
Heraldry, published in 1742:
“The Family of Muirheads of Lachop, or Muirhead of That-Ilk, has been
always repute one of the ancientest Families in all the Shire of
Lanerk.”... “The Sirname de Morehead, or Muirhead, is like other
Sirnames of the greatest Antiquity, local, taken from Lands, from whence
either the Proprietor took a Denomination, when fixed hereditary
Sirnames became customary; or took an Appellation from the Lands, as
soon as he obtained them; for it is a Maxim amongst Antiquaries, that
‘tis a sufficient Document of an ancient Descent, where the Inhabitant
has the Sirname from the Place he inhabiteth.”
It was in the valley of the Clyde River, on the southern
border of the highlands of Scotland, to the west of Edinburgh, and
midway between
it and Glasgow, in
the Parish of
Bothwell, in the
Clydesdale county
or shire of Lanark,
that the lands of
Lauchope and
Lauchope House
were located. And
it was the estate of
Lauchope that was
first associated ....................

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