Beautiful weekend with family

Today my day dawned very early at 6 in the morning, I was very happy and why something told me that this day was full of many blessings for me and my family I got up I brushed my hair and kissed my son on the I put my cheek to make him breakfast because he had to go to school I got him ready and he started crying because he didn't want to go to class he hugged my mom and told her that she should tell me that she won't take him to class

So I dressed him like this crying and we went to my grandmother because my cousin's husband would give us the tail there if he was happy to see the other children that Iván was in class also from there we got to school and he didn't have classes, but I was going to see a day of care for children

So they dewormed him, they gave him a vitamin for apatite in April and they were vaccinating, but he didn't get the vaccine, but my niece was vaccinated and she cried because both arms were poked and they hurt a lot

The dentist saw my son and she sent him to be cleaned. Well, from there we walked and almost half of the school were given a queue by a representative of one of the children, we were very grateful, we thanked and went home

My mom was waiting for us to help her take the cows out to eat, but when we were taking them out it started to drizzle, she had the idea of ​​telling them about the forest

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