Steem community ramblings with flu.


I visited my dad up north this weekend and had a great time but when I got back home I got heavy flu but it's finally subsiding now.

First things first, I think in my excitement I jumped the Community gun a little.

I thought communities for had opened up for everyone on the Beta site and shared that news.

But then it closed again for reasons I still don't know.

It's not Steemit Inc. fault btw, they never announced anything about an open Beta.

It was just a conclusion I and others drew after they removed the password. My apologies.

It's not the first time my excitement for anything new #steem bites me in the ass.

I remember the same enthusiasm when I discovered that curation was more profitable after HF21 (only for a few weeks, it was like +19%).

Sharing that news and the focus on ROI cost me some witness votes.

My Steem enthusiasm is a flaw and nowadays I do try to dampen it a little bit (for my own and others sake) but it's not easy :)


I read some concerns from users that they fear that communities-names are being claimed.

That's not the case.

A community is just an ID-number and you can call it whatever you want (you can even change the name after you made a community).

So there is room for more than 1 BBQ & Drinks community and it's up to the owners of the community to get the users.

Despite the fact that the Beta is closed again (for now), I can't wait for this feature to go live, the way Steemians jumped on the Community wagon for the time it was OPEN was pretty amazing.

I think communities will most likely take over individual blogging.

I see them as sort of mining pools for STEEM.

Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 13.52.16.png

It just makes sense, there is more strength in numbers and I think in general people like to be 'part of something'.

Some of these communities might even charge some STEEM to join.

I'm thinking a lot about my own Steem future lately too.

It's been a great ride so far that I will continue 100% but pushing a one-man blog forward completely alone for the next 5 years for STEEM just seems very unlikely.

Not just for me, I think for most people. You will need to join a community.

I always said that somewhere in the future when you tell people you earned whole STEEM tokens by yourself blogging about your cat they will not believe you.

Especially in a Steem future where a community of a couple of thousand members is earing (for example) 100-200 STEEM a day to distribute to everyone.

I fully understand why people are still going after STEEM with all their might right now. It will get tougher and tougher in the future.

Currently, I have nearly 300k Steempower and about 3200 account tokens ready to go.

Building a community with that on Steem or help others build communities just seems like a logical next step on my Steem journey.

I got the BBQ & DRINKS community ready to go.

I'm just waiting now for all the tools to get ready by Steemit Inc.

It shouldn't be too long.

I am extremely excited for 2020. Everything Steem and are going to change.

And in the meantime. I just have fun, as always, while we wait.

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