Exode: Discoveries on Planet H24

If you somehow missed it, Exode hosted a theory crafting contest last week. We were given the description of a planet and our goal was to build a team best suited to survive on it. The winners were just announced and somehow I managed to take third place with my entry, and I decided share what my team discovered.

While exploring the planet H24 we found evidence of a previous exploration party. As we were exploring the seismically active region near the equator our sensors detected an abandoned WHC Unit. Though it was out of oxygen crystals, and had laid idle for years, our engineer assured us it was salvageable.

All participants earned a WHC Unit for participating.

As we continued to explore we discovered an abandoned baldie shuttle which still had power. It was so well made that with the addition of a little fuel we were able to fly it to our colony. The power had been fully dedicated to cryogenic tubes supporting three crew members. The ship's computer also had coordinates for a radar array.

I won three packs for this place. This is what was in the first one.

As we headed to the location of the radar array, we made another striking discovery! There was a survivor from the original expedition. Her name was Eliza and she had been maintaining the ship for years. Thanks to her knowledge she had been able to survive with little more than an Eisen suit. In fact she even had been fabricating by hand various parts to maintain the ship and even a generator. Once we returned to our colony, and she overcame the shock of being around people again, she told us the story and presented us the Diplomatic Gifts which caused the whole mess.

Very excited to have gotten an Eliza, she was on my wish list.

The ship had actually had three additional seats filled. The mission had been to escort two passengers and a science crew to a recently discovered planet. They were to present the gifts to the team on site and perform initial environment analysis. What they didn’t realize until after landing was how dangerous one of the passengers had been. He installed a virus in their management console which changed the ship's course and another virus which sent the maintenance droid on a rampage. It even killed one of the scientists! To make matters worse, the man stranded the survivors when he stole various parts from the ship and left in a small shuttle which was waiting on the surface.

Hmm... That Lab Scientist looks a little strange...

It was a horrible story to hear and amazing that Eliza had both survived and kept three of the people alive. While we couldn’t make up for what she went through, we were happy to welcome her to our colony. Those of us who are left need to stick together after all!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am VERY happy with finally getting Eliza and getting an Elite Baldie. Congratulations to the other winners, and I look forward to the next contest!

If you want to learn more about Exode head over to their official site. If it peaks your interest enough to sign up, please use my referral link or code ("984a3c4")so we both get free packs.

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