Syndicate Sunday Action - lot 001 and lot 002

Happy Syndicate Sunday, everyone!

You might not had the chance to buy a Syndicate Contract, but some of you might still want to get some of these amazing cards...

Each contract is delivering three Syndicate cards every Sunday. I own two contracts, and I want to put these cards on auction.

How will it work?

Three cards (all coming from the same contract) will be clustered to a single lot. The staring price of the lot will be under the market price of these cards, giving you the chance to buy them on discount. The action will be live for seven days. Please specify in the comments for which lot you a biding, and your bid in HIVE. At the end of the seven day period, the user with the higher bid is the winner. All bids are binding.

When a reserve price is displayed, if the auction ends and the reserve price has not been met, the lot will not be auctioned off.

Auction 2020.08.02, lot 001:


The first lot contains a Syndicate Trooper, a Syndicate Hacker, and 'Holidays' drugs. The starting bis for this lot is 1 HIVE, and there's no reserve price.

Auction 2020.08.02, lot 002:


In the second lot we have two Syndicate Chip cards, and a Syndicate Squad Leader. The starting bis for this lot is 3 HIVE, and there's no reserve price.


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