Punjab Highway Patrol focus focus protection and affection

Punjab Highway Patrol focus focus protection and affection.ctll6u4vdk.jpg

About one o'clock tonight, when the shift bus of the patrolling post 69 Solar district of Bahawalpur district approached Mazhar Abad while on patrol, a man and two women were seen standing on the sidewalk. When the man stopped by the road after seeing a patrol car, he found out that his motorcycle had been stopped due to a technical problem. His wife has a delivery case and his wife is in a very distressing position. The immediate primary medical center is to reach Chandipur. The patrolling employees immediately shifted the man named Mohammed Ijaz and his accompanying women to the desired hospital where, with the timely help and treatment of the hospital staff, Allah Pak awarded Mohammed Ijaz with a beloved daughter. He thanked Soling and said that he was upset about 40 minutes before the Patrolling Party arrived on the road, but no vehicle was holding back. You have proved to be an angel to us. May Allah always keep you happy and with the help of the patrolling police he will always be grateful to him.
May Allah grant us the duty to distribute such good deeds and ease of duty during the Amen.

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